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Download MajorMUD

MajorMUD requires WorldGroup BBS baseline software, which is available at Gameport. Please contact our Sales or Support teams if you need assistance.

Product Name: MajorMUD - Realm of Legends
Demo Lifetime: 14 days

Operating System Version Release Date
Worldgroup 3.x - DOS 1.11g 9/12/00
Worldgroup 3.x - NT/95/98/00 1.11g 9/12/00
Worldgroup 1.x / 2.x 1.11g 9/12/00
MajorBBS 6.25 1.11g 9/12/00

NOTE: Please make sure you BACKUP all MajorMUD files (WCC*.*) before applying a new version!

New Installation:

Use pkunzip to unzip this file into an empty directory (or onto an empty floppy disk). From that directory, type INSTALL and answer the questions as appropriate.

Upgrade Policy:

The initial price includes a year of basic upgrades. This includes basic .DLL updates and basic map updates. Eventually add-on database updates will available at an additional cost. An upgrade to the Terminal-mode-only version of MajorMUD is included in the cost. If/when a client/server (windows) interface is written for MajorMUD, there will be an additional cost for this update.

Upgrade Installation:

Follow the instructions in the Readme files contained inside the appropriate Zip file.

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