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Welcome to MajorMUD News!

MajorMUD News is the electronic e-zine for the
world's most popular text based fantasy game.

We've put this newsletter together to effectively communicate MajorMUD news and information surrounding new module releases patches, technical support, player tips and strategies for beginning players to experienced players.

What Other's Are Saying:

Itoshu telepaths: "btw I love your newsletters been getting them from the start ;)"

"That was a much better issue. Well written, interesting and not so baseline as the first 2. Congratulations."
~Steel of Planetx

Great Job On The Major Mud News Letter! Thumbs Up Shannon!!!!! Girl hey you did a great job on the letter it looks great and has good info for all and that by the way is great to, meaning a place for people to advertise there BBS' now maybe they will stop bombarding on here.....Laugh.....NOT! Grin o well any how Im sure it was a lot of work and you and who ever else helped you did an outstanding job.

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