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The current version is 1.11o

Get Module 9: Prophecy of Plague The victory over the dark phoenix, and the appearance of its master still weighs heavily on your mind. With your brain and brawn it is once again up to you to travel into regions unknown, battling an evil that threatens all things living, and the power of the Three.

As of 1.11h, new downloads have been restricted to registered owners only. If you are a registered owner, please e-mail Support for download access and instructions. Make sure to include your WG# and name, so we can verify you against our records. If you are not a registered owner and looking to download the demo version, click here.

Someone has been hawking "used" copies of MajorMUD that are actually pirate systems. Before purchasing a used copy of MajorMUD, make sure to contact us directly to verify the system's ID #. Also, contact us if you have made a purchase so we can make sure the records are in your name. Do not rely on the person you purchased from to do this for you!

If you are a registered owner, you can find additional support by joining our Support Forums.

"MajorMUD - Realm of Legends" is the most popular and heroic text-based fantasy adventure game on the Web. With the promise of battling dragons and thieves and setting out on dangerous quests, the game has become an addiction for thousands of players on the WorldGroup and Major BBS platforms around the world.

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To learn more about the terms used in the game before you start playing, head to the MajorMUD help section or visit MudCentral.  If you're ready to play, get registered and get started!

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Whether you already have a board or you want to start one, MajorMUD is the best way to attract new customers and maintain a loyal client base. Metropolis can help you with all of your BBS software needs, including MajorMUD and WorldGroup software.

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The professional staff of Metropolis is on call to help you with technical support and to handle any of your sales needs.

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