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MODULE 4: Terror From Below

The next chapter of the alignment quest, "Terror from Below" is set in the region east of Silvermere.  The barrier that once separated Silvermere from the eastern mountains of Khazarad has finally been destroyed. Leaving vast new areas open to discovery.

Features include:

  • Over 3000 rooms, with areas such as the Dwarven City of Khazarad, a Gnome village, dismal swamp, kobold caves, gypsy camp, Orfeo's tavern, the many mines and caves of Khazarad, haunted tomb, and many more!
  • A wide variety of new creatures, NPC's and bosses, including enhanced behaviour like casting spells on themselves, minions guarding their bosses, and leaders with followers! Unique quests for each of the three alignments, Good, Neutral and Evil, as well as some side-quests!
  • *NEW* games of chance in the dwarven gambling hall!
  • *NEW* fortune-telling by the old gypsy woman!
  • *NEW* treasure chests with varied and exotic loot!

"Terror from Below" has areas that will accommodate players as low as level 5, as well as those of the highest levels. The main quest is designed for parties of level 20-30 characters.

Price: $125
Purchase: Email Metropolis

PLEASE NOTE: To Run on your BBS, Module Four Requires the Following Software:

  • MajorMUD version 1.1p or 1.1p-WG (or higher)
  • Dragon's Teeth (Module 1)
  • The Cursed Ruins (Module 2)
  • Strangers in the Night (Module 3)

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