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MODULE 8: A Call to Arms!
A new Sheriff is in town, and crime is being swept from the streets. As Silvermere begins to enter a new age of rebuilding and exploration, echoes from the past call back. Rumors flood through the city that an orc warlord has come to power, building a throne of the bones of his victims, inside the dark cave in the depths of the darkwood forest.

Scouts that actually return to town, tell stories of a massive orcish horde building inside the cave, training with weapons of destruction, plans being drawn for a seige on Silvermere. An order is placed, a call to arms! The city needs the help of adventurers to band together and squash the flood of war, before it breaks open and lays waste!

Elsewhere an old ally requires the help of friends to break him free of his eternal prison, but it requires travel to another place, where light is as scarce as water in a desert!

Features include:

  • Ganghouses! Have an impenetrable base of operations for your gang!
  • Ganghouse Shops! Sell the goods your gang has collected!
  • New quest abilities for all classes!
  • Quests that can be done repeatedly!
  • New monsters and bosses to fight!
  • New items to strive for!

"A Call to Arms!" has areas that will accommodate players as low as level 15 and for those as hight as 30. The main quest is designed for parties of level 20-25 characters.

Price: $100
Purchase: Email Metropolis

Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD 1.11g (which includes Module 8)

PLEASE NOTE: To Run on your BBS, Module 8 Requires the Following Software:

  • MajorMUD version 1.11c or 1.11c-WG
    • NOTE: No Additional Modules Required!

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