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MajorMUD Help




Type [CHARACTER NAME], then type Go [LOCATION].
General movement commands - allow your character to get to special locations, you may have to type a corresponding action command.

[HIDE] - If your class permits it, you will be able to hide amongst the shadows.

[SNEAK] - If class permits, you will be able to effectively walk from room to room without being seen moving.

[DRAG] -If another user is unconscious, you may drag them from room to room. This can be used to drag them away from attacking monsters and closer to healers. There are two ways to begin dragging someone:

  1. Type [DRAG USER]. You will go into drag mode for the user. Each time you move after that, you will be dragging the user.
  2. Type [DRAG USER] [DIRECTION]. You will drag the user through the exit to [DIRECTION]. You will also go into drag mode after which all moves will drag the user along with you. Note: you may move slower than normal while dragging someone.

Look [DIRECTION] Status


Track [USER] Map Profile Verbose
[LOOK]- Will display all the current details of the room you are in. You may look into adjacent rooms by typing [LOOK] [DIRECTION] or obtain further detail on a person or thing type [LOOK] [OBJECT] (the name of the object).

[STATUS]- Will display your character's statistics, abilities, etc... For those familiar to role-playing games, this would be called a character sheet.

[MAP]- Displays a map of Silvermere. ANSI required.

[BANK]- Will display how much money you have stored in the bank.

[WHO]- Displays all the current users in the Realm.

[TOPTEN]- Will display the top ten adventurers in the game.

[SEARCH]- Will search the room for any hidden items, locations, etc... You may also search specific objects by typing [SEARCH] [OBJECT]

[TRACK]- Allows you to pick up the trail of a certain user. You must have the Track skill to use this ability.

[KEYS]- Displays all the keys in your key-ring.

[INVENTORY]- Displays your current possessions, including wealth on-hand, and which items you have equipped.

To change your gender, use the command [SET GENDER] [MALE] [FEMALE].
*Note: that you may be charged up to 32,000 gold to do this action or your sysop may have disabled this command. If you are not willing to spend the 32,000 gold then check with your sysop before entering this command.


Punchkick Forgive
Hit Points(HP) Backstab(BS)
If you have the ability, [BACKSTAB] may be used while hiding or sneaking to get a chance at a hit which does a lot more damage than normal.

If you are in the practice arena, you may fight with other players with no fear of evil points or loss of life. If you are killed in the arena you will revive in the Halls Of The Dead with as many hit points (HP) as you had the last time you entered the arena.

Hit points (HP) are a measure of how much physical punishment you can take. Every time you are hit in combat with a weapon or damage spell, your hit points will drop. Naturally, you will want to have the most hit points possible! Once you reach 0 HP(Hit Points), you will drop to the ground, mortally wounded, and slowly lose further as you bleed. Once your HP (Hit Points) reaches a certain negative number, usually -15, you will die. Another character may aid you to prevent further loss of blood and allow you to begin to slowly regain HP (hit Points) until you reach 1 HP (Hit Points) once more. HP (Hit Points) may be regained through magical healing, or by natural healing which everyone has to some degree. Using the rest command will increase your natural healing, but only while you remain still and out of combat.

[FORGIVE] - If you are attacked by accident, you may use the forgive command to counter the evil points which they gained when attacking you. You have approximately 5 minutes in which to do this.

*Syntax: [FORGIVE] [USER]

The [REST] command will increase your rate of HP (Hit Points) regeneration. You must remain resting for at least 20 seconds for the increase to take effect. If you move, attack, or are attacked during this period your resting will be terminated and you will get no bonus HP (Hit Points). Note that there are numerous other things which can terminate resting. It is up to you to determine what these are and learn to avoid them while resting.

Type [BUY] healing in the appropriate room to heal all your wounds for a price.

A critical hit is a hit which does double the damage of a normal hit. Most characters have only a small chance of getting a critical hit, although Mystics receive the proper training to increase their chance of getting a critical hit.

[AID] - You can aid a fallen player by typing [AID] [USERNAME]. This will stop their bleeding and give them a chance to heal instead of bleeding to death.


[WEAR] [ITEM] - Equips any item that must be readied to use.

[REMOVE] [ITEM] - Will remove an equipped item.

[USE] [ITEM] - If an item has a specific use, the most common command to activate it would be USE. Some items require you to use a different action word, so experiment.

[LOOK][OBJECT] - Displays the visible info on an object, creature, or item.

[GET] [ITEM] - Will pick up a visible item, if you can carry it.

[DROP] [ITEM] - Will drop an item on the ground.

[GIVE] [ITEM] [PLAYER] - Will give an item to the according user.

[INVENTORY] - Displays what items, money that you own, and if they are equipped or not.

[BANK] - Will display your current bank rating and balance.

[STASH] or [HIDE] [ITEM] - Will hide an item in a room, which can only be found again if someone successfully searches that room. To recover these items later on, you will have to [SEARCH] for them prior to [GET]ting them. [HIDE] is also used to hide in the shadows. If you are successful at hiding, nobody will see you until you do a noticeable action, or until they [SEARCH] and find you.

[DRINK] & [EAT] - Some items in the game need to be either eaten or drunk. To do so, use the commands [EAT] and [DRINK].



[STOCK] [LIST] - Displays the public items that are currently available in the current room. This will display all the necessary information on, including it's going price and how many items are available.

[BUY] [ITEM] - Will attempt to purchase an item at the best price possible (based upon the amount of your character's charm points).

[SELL] [ITEM] - Will attempt to sell an item at the best price possible (based upon the amount of your character's charm points).

[APPRAISE] - Informs you on the selling price you will receive for the item that you are appraising.


Set Messages [LOW]

Auction Broadcasting
[MESSAGE](Yelling) [MESSAGE](Talking) Gossip

[.TEXT] -Allows you to communicate to others in the same room as yourself.

["TEXT"] - Allows you to be heard in adjacent rooms, as well as the one you are currently in.

[USERNAME] [TEXT] - Allows you to telepathically communicate with someone. He/She will be the only one to hear your words.

[ASK] [NPC] [MESSAGE] - To solve certain quests, etc... you will sometimes have to seek out information from various NPCs (Non-Player Characters). For example, if you have heard that Jack the bartender knows a certain something about, say, the Holy Sword, you would type Ask Jack Holy Sword.

[SAY] [MESSAGE] - Some areas in the game require you to say certain words or sentences. For example, if the password to the Thieves Guild was Orange you would stand before the entrance and type
[SAY Orange].

[GOSSIP] [MESSAGE] - Everything that you say in gossip will be heard by all who have their gossip flag turned on. You may toggle it on or off by simply typing [GOSSIP].

[AUCTION] [MESSAGE]- Exactly the same as gossip. Mostly used as a channel to trade or sell items to other adventurers.

[MESSAGES] - Use the [SET MESSAGES] command to control the level of messages which you receive in the game. In general: a Low message setting will only display high priority messages; a Medium message setting will display high and medium priority messages; a High message setting will display high, medium, and low priority messages. The list of messages given at each level is too exhaustive to list here, so it is up to you to determine which setting is right for you. Start at a high setting, and if you get too much on your screen then move down to a medium setting and then low.

[GOSSIP] - Use the [GOSSIP] command to send messages to everyone in the game. You can turn off the receipt of GOSSIP messages by either typing [SET GOSSIP OFF] or by typing [SET GOSSIP] (to toggle it on/off) or [GOSSIP] (by itself, to toggle it on and off). You may turn on the receipt of gossip messages with [SET GOSSIP ON].

[AUCTION] - Use the [AUCTION] command to send messages to everyone in the game. You can turn off the receipt of [AUCTION] messages by either typing [SET AUCTION OFF] or by typing [SET AUCTION] (to toggle it on/off) or [AUCTION] (by itself, to toggle it on and off). You may turn on the receipt of auction messages with [SET AUCTION ON].

[BROADCAST] - There are several different ways to broadcast to a group of players. One is to type [JOIN] [N] where n is a number between 1 and 127. This will set your broadcast channel. To broadcast to all members on this channel, just type [BROADCAST] [TEXT]. If you have not already got another global command using the symbol: ['] you can type ['] [TEXT] as well.
[BROADCAST] or [BR] - by itself will give you a list of all the current people on your broadcast channel.

[BROADGANG] - Once you have formed a gang, you may also use the [BROADGANG] or [BG] command to broadcast to all members of your gang. [BG] by itself will display a list of all the people in your gang, telling you which ones are online currently.


Backrank Frontrank
[INVITE] [USERNAME] - Will invite someone into your adventuring group.

[UNINVITE] [USERNAME] - Will kick someone out of your adventuring group.

[JOIN] [USERNAME] - Allows you to join another user, but ONLY if he/she has already invited you. [JOIN] does one of three things:

  1. Join a broadcast group
  2. Join a party
  3. join a gang
To join a broadcast group, [JOIN] [N] where [N] is a number between 1 and 126. To join a party, wait until you are invited, and type [JOIN] [USERNAME]:. To join a gang, wait until you are invited and type[JOIN] [GANG] [GANGNAME].

[LEAVE] - Fairly straightforward.

[PARTY] - Will display who is in your adventuring group, and what ranks they are in.

[BACKRANK] - If you are in someone's adventuring group, this will put you into the back rank. You will be harder to hit in combat, but will also have a harder time hitting opponents with close combat attacks. Great for magic users casting ranged spells, or players with missile weapons.

[FRONTRANK] - Will place you into the front rank, if a spot is currently available. At least the same amount of users in the front rank as the back.

[FOLLOW] - To join a party, first you must be invited by the leader (with the [INVITE] command). Once you have been invited, you may [FOLLOW] [USERNAME] to start following that person. While following you will move where they move and will show up in their [PARTY] command. To stop following, you may [LEAVE], your leader may [UNINVITE] you, or you may exit the game. There are two types of following, [BLIND] and [NORMAL]. If you are following [BLIND], then you will not see any room descriptions as you move with your party. If you are following [NORMAL], then you will see all the room descriptions normally as you move.


The [SHARE] command is used to share a certain amount of a currency with either the members of your party or everyone in the room. The syntax of the command is:


Note: If you do not specify with ROOM or with PARTY, then PARTY is assumed.

If the amount you are sharing does not divide evenly among the people in the room/party, then you will be left with the remainder. In other words, if you [SHARE] [5] [GOLD] and there are only 2 people other than yourself in your party, each will receive 2 gold and you will be left with 1. If you attempt to [SHARE] with anyone who is hidden or has their [RECEIVE] set off, then they will not be included in the receipts of your sharing.


Cast [Spellname] Invoke [KaiPower]

[SPELLS] - Each spell has a specific level which you must attain before you may cast it. This is because some spells are too powerful for you to control until you reach that level.

[CAST] [SPELLNAME] - Will cast a spell accordingly, if you have enough mana points available. For combat spells, type [CAST] [SPELLNAME] [TARGET], this command cast by itself will re-initiate combat if appropriate.

[INVOKE] [KAI POWER] - Will invoke the appropriate Kai power, if you are a Mystic and have enough Kai points to use it.

Mana - is the energy force that exists in all things, and very strongly so in living, sentient beings. All living beings have Mana, but only a certain, trained few can tap that power to cast spells. Every spell cast has a Mana cost, which is deducted from your current total, when your Mana reaches 0, you cannot cast any more spells. Fortunately, everyone regenerates it naturally over time, though a heavily Mana-depleted Mage may have to wait for some time.

[READ] [SCROLL NAME] - If you are of the appropriate class and level to cast the spell in question, you will memorize the spell and the scroll will disappear

[SPELLS] - Will display all the spells currently known.

[POWERS] - Will display all the Kai powers currently known.

[HEALTH] - Displays your current Health and Mana Points. Useful if you are not using the Statline option.

[BREAK] - Will break off casting of auto-combat spells.


Talk fast
Talk Slow Verbose

[PROFILE] - Will display your current profile settings

[STATLINE] [ON] [OFF] [FULL] - Will set your statline Prompt. On will display your current Hit Points at mana at every prompt, Off will display your standard BBS prompt, and Full acts in the same way as On, save that each time you hit Enter, a brief description of your current room will be displayed. Look for help on CUSTOM for the custom statline.
*NOTE: Sneaking players will not show up when you hit Enter. You must type [LOOK].

[BRIEF] - Will put on brief room descriptions

[VERBOSE] - Displays the full room description each time that you enter a room.

[TALK] [FAST] - Turning this mode on will make it so that everything that you type, other than commands, will show up as if you had spoken it. There will be no need to type . before every sentence if you wish to converse with others.

[TALK] [SLOW] - If this option is used, the only way that you will be able to talk openly is by typing . before your message.

[PAGE]- Typing page will toggle on/off the ability for other users on the system to page you while you are in the game.

[SET] [RECEIVE] [ON] [OFF] - Will toggle on your ability to receive items from other players when they use the give command.


Bankbook Wealth
Withdraw Currency

[DEPOSIT] [N] - will deposit [N] copper into your account

[WITHDRAW] [N] - will withdraw [N] copper from your account

[BANKBOOK] - will display your current bank balance.

[CURRENCY] - The currency of the realm consists of silver, copper, gold, and platinum coins. Every once in a while you will encounter a runic coin as well. Go to one of the banks in the land to find the conversion rates between each of the currencies.

[WEALTH] - will display your current monetary situation. It will also display the equivalent value in Copper of all the currency which you are carrying.


Action List
Action On Action Off

[ACTION LIST] - to list the actions available

[ACTION ON] - to turn on the use of actions

[ACTION OFF] - to turn off the use of actions

If actions are turned off, you will not be able to do use any action commands.


Create Gang Invite Member Uninvite Member
Broadgang Disband Gang Leave Gang
[CREATE GANG] [GANG NAME] - Requires 100,000 experience

[GANG NAME] - Maximum length of 19 characters

[INVITE MEMBER] [USER NAME] - Only the gang leader can invite members

[UNINVITE MEMBER] [USER NAME] - Only the gang leader can invite members

[BROADGANG] or [BG] [TEXT] - Broadcast will echo to all online gang members

[TOPTEN GANGS] [TOP] [N] [GANGS] - A listing of the most noteworthy gangs

[DISBAND GANG] - Only the gang leader can disband the gang
*Note: after a gang is disbanded, the name may not be used until the day after all ex gang members have entered the game

[LEAVE GANG] - Leave your gang

Items in Gang Houses (Module 8):

[Stock] - this command is used to stock items in a House Shop, to stock an item you must be the owner of that House Shop, by Stocking you add that item to the list of available items to buy. [STOCK] ITEM], [STOCK] [ITEM] [CURRENCY], [STOCK] [ITEM] [PRICE] or [STOCK] [ITEM] [PRICE][CURRENCY]
Example: [STOCK] [HATCHET] [1,000][GOLD]

[UNSTOCK] - this command is used to unstock items from a House Shop, to unstock an item you must be the owner of that House Shop, by Unstocking you remove that item from the list of available items to buy or [UNSTOCK]
Example: [UNSTOCK] [CLUB]


Train Stats
Weapons AC/DR

[SUICIDE] - Suicide takes one of of your lives. This will have the exact same effects as if you had died normally. Handy command if you are trapped, stuck, or don't want to give another player the pleasure of killing you.

[REROLL] - Reroll will reset your current character, and all his lives. It will take you to the MajorMUD main menu, and the next time that you enter the game, you will have to create a new character. If you have previously set a suicide password with the [SET SUICIDE] command then you will have to enter the correct password to perform this command. The [SUICIDE] command will kill your current character and you will lose one life. If this is your last life, then it will be the same as typing [REROLL]. If you type [SUICIDE NOW], this will also be the same as typing [REROLL].

[TRAIN] - Characters may train to increase their levels when they have the appropriate amount of experience (by typing Train), or to adjust their primary stats by typing [TRAIN STATS], when in a Training Room. Please see Stats 1 for more information. This command will train you to the next level, provided that you have enough experience. You must be in an appropriate training hall to do this. Remember, you get 10 or more extra character points (CPs) every time that you train. (Max of 20 CP/level after level 20)

[TRAIN] [STATS] - This will put you into the stat editor, where you can allocate unspent character points, change your physical description, etc... (ANSI recommended)

[GREET] [ASK] - Used for communicating with NPCs (Non-Playing Characters)

[REST] - Allows you to put your character in rest mode. You will regenerate hit points at a faster rate. You may only perform certain commands or rest mode will be broken.

Lives - Each player starts the game with 9 lives. Every time your train to the next level, you will gain additional lives, up to the maximum. Each time you die, you will lose one life and be re-incarnated somewhere in the realm. When you run out of lives, your character will die permanently, it is a wise idea to keep careful track of how many lives you have left!

Weapons - The realm is a dangerous place, and no character will survive long without protection. Most character will need a good weapon usually the more expensive, the better, but try out many different ones until you find one that seems right for you. One factor you must keep in mind is that all weapons have a minimum strength, and anyone with a lower strength will suffer from slower attacks. When you ready the weapon, if it says "This weapon feels heavy in your hands.", then you need more strength to wield it effectively.

Armor - Armor is important for everyone. The best Armors are the heavier ones, but often force your encumbrance up uncomfortable levels. You should never neglect to wear Armor, and make sure you are wearing a piece of Armor on every location you can! Your AC/DR stat is a measure of how protected.

AC - Stands for Armor Class. AC makes you harder to hit, as your Armor deflects blows. DR absorbs some of the damage of the attack when you do get hit.

DR - Stands for Damage Reduction.
*Note: your AC and DR do not affect the damage you take from spells. You must increase your character's Magic Resistance in order to decrease this damage.

[TRAP] - Although many characters do not commonly encounter traps, this skill can be very useful, as many traps are simply deadly. Characters with the Traps skill can attempt to disarm a trap after it is found with the search command, by using [DISARM TRAP] [DIRECTION].


Here are some helpful "hints" or advice to get you started...

  1. Read all of the help files, or at least glance through them. This will save you a lot of time and effort overall.
  2. Pick a class that you feel comfortable with. We have tried to make ALL of the classes equal in efficiency, but each one has its own unique features.
  3. Once you have your character made, check out all of the stores in Newhaven and equip yourself with weaponry, Armor, and spells (if you are a spell caster). Don't go down into the arena until you are armed and ready.
  4. To familiarize yourself with the combat system, go to the Newhaven Arena. Here you will be able to earn experience for your next level, and gold to purchase better weaponry and Armor. Once you have enough experience to obtain your next level, go to the guild and train.
  5. Now that you have completed these steps, you could try adventuring in the dungeon past the north door in the Newhaven Arena. Type "bash north" or "picklock north" (If you have the skill) to open the lock/door.


To get general help, type [HELP].

To get a list of topics available, type [HELP TOPICS].

To get help on a specific topic, type [HELP] [TOPIC] - In this case topic being whatever you require assistance with. There is a large amount of help available, so try a variety of topics using this command.

If you are in help mode already (chosen from the main MajorMUD menu), then you do not need to precede each topic with [HELP], merely type the topic name in.

For this help message, type [HELP HELP], or just [HELP] when in help mode.

Release - Choose the option [R] from the main menu for release notes on MajorMUD.

Exit - Typing [X] will start the process of exiting MajorMUD. You will have to wait for 5 seconds prior to leaving the Realm. Your character will automatically be saved when you exit.


Throughout the land, time and again, the quest has and will always be the heart of MajorMUD. Who knows what glories await you at the next turn and what you could be driven to do to survive battle. Killing evil monsters, finding magical items, discovering the secret door, are just the beginning of the world that lies beyond your imagination, the world of MajorMUD.

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