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                          -= MajorMUD NEWS =-
Moderated by:                                       Published by:
Shannon Stewart & Jeff Hinds                       METROPOLIS Inc.
mailto:[email protected]                
April 12, 2001                                       Issue # II
Recommend a friend & be entered to WIN $10,000 and a Sony DVD Player!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=The Real Realm
	-=New Message Forum Format
	-=Custom Fantasy Art Work
	-=MajorMUD e-Mail Addresses
        -=Registered BBS List
-=Latest Version Updates
 	-=Mod9 Developer Interview 
 	-=Mod9 Update
-=Fun Stuff!
 	-=Seattle MUD Party
 	-=Trivia Answers
 	-=New MUD Game 
-=WorldGroup News Update
-------------------------- SPONSOR MESSAGE ---------------------------
=[ CyberSpace BBS - ]=
Have you ever wanted to play a MMUD where the people are helpful
AND friendly?  What about a FREE MMUD?  Better yet, one without
dupes, and abusive mudops/sysops?  How about one where lag is
something that does not exist?  Look no further, CyberSpace BBS is
for YOU! or telnet to  There is 24/7 Scripting allowed, and a 7 lvl
PvP limit.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= New Message Forum Format =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
We will be going to a new forum format shortly. The new forum will 
provide a lot of the features people have been asking for, as well 
as some better administrative tools for our side of things. 

If you'd like to see a sample of the new forum, go to

One of the features I'd like to point out in this forum is the button 
at the top left that says + Expand Threads. If you click on that, 
it will redisplay the forum in the same format this one has, with 
the whole tree listing for messages. Additionally, each message 
individually, when you go into it, has an tree listing of responses, 
like messages do in this forum.

One of the things that will be different is that this forum will require 
you to create a "profile" (don't sign up on the sample one, we'll be 
running ours on our own servers, so you would have to just create 
another one if you did sign up on the sample). That means names will 
be registered, so no one can imitate you. You can view posts without 
having to create a profile, but to post you have to make one. 

If you have any questions about the new forum format, please feel 
free to e-mail me ([email protected])

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Character Development =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Ever wish you had a portrait of the character you've spent months 
or probably even years building?

You can now get your own custom drawn electronic image based on your 
character's detailed description in the setting you choose.  Add your 
new digital image to your web site, post it with your signature file 
in the forums or attach it to your outgoing e-mail.
Each order comes with two beautiful 11 x 17 color prints and an 
electronic image on disk. Click on MUD Products link at the left side
of the page and scroll down to the bottom.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MajorMUD E-Mail Address Available =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

MajorMUD e-mail addresses are now available free to Metropolis Members.
Get your free e-mail address [email protected] by registering
online at 
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Registered BBS List =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-=Too Legit To Quit
Metropolis is leading the way to protect MajorMud players from pirated and
hexed BBS scams. The developers of MajorMUD have added an online database
of official registered majormud Bulletin Board Systems. Users can verify
the boards they play on by using the search utility at
After many complaints from majormud players about getting scammed for money
and characters, we have taken the initiative to help players find quality
boards to play on. Watch for and click the MajorMud Symbol on your favorite 
BBS to check its validity.

-------------------------- SPONSOR MESSAGE ---------------------------
Visit Mudville
The information site by players for players.
Info - Stats - Hall of Fame - Reviews
Three years old and going strong!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Latest Version Updates =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

	-=Mod9 Developer Interview 
Metropolis is proud to introduce John Burch, our new MajorMUD programmer.
Burch, started playing MajorMUD about a year and a half ago when a friend 
turned him onto the game. Burch says he enjoys MajorMUD "because of it's 
likeness to Dungeons & Dragons". 

Burch was working as a programmer in our systems department and transferred 
to work on MajorMUD in February. When asked "What did they tell you 
about the job?" Burch said with maniacal laughter, "That I would be the 
sole programmer for majormud and that it was all mine :)".  

He says that so far he has been mainly responsible for upgrading code
and fixing bugs, with the main goal of making MajorMUD more stable and 
to begin development of the next stage.

Burch was sent to Australia for training on the internal workings of 
MajorMUD.  Now he's back in the states and says "It's going good! Not too 
hard right now. The reason it's taking so long is the change of the coder. 
Time for me to get up to speed and learning someone else's thought pattern 
so I can follow their code. And wanting to make sure there are no bugs".
Lance J Neumen was the original developer, and sold MajorMUD to Metropolis 
June 1999.
Burch got his start in programming after playing the intriguing LP-Muds.  
LPC is a small, object oriented type C language developed by Lars Pensj´┐Ż 
for LP-MUD, a Multi-User Dungeon environment under many UNIX systems.
His experience comes from a degree at the Electronics Institute, three
years programming MUDs in LPC and an internship with an e-commerce company
developing on-line applications.
When Burch is away from keys, he is very active in the The Society for 
Creative Anachronism (SCA), a medieval reenactment group (
Burch's screen name Mongke pronounced Mong with a silent "k", is a 
traditional Mongolian name that he goes by in the SCA. 
His other gaming related activities include Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 
Star Wars and Legend of the 5 Rings (an oriental based role-playing game). 
To see a picture and learn more on John Burch (Mongke) 
Click here
 	-=Mod9 Update
Right now were winding up the private beta testing and will soon begin
open testing on the Metropolis game servers to catch the last of the 
bugs before the final release. Stay tuned for developments.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= TIPS FOR BEGINNERS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
1. The key to MUD is initiative.  If you're not willing to take risks 
   and try things, you'll never get anywhere in the game.  The worst 
   that can happen is you die..and you can die 9 times before it really 
   affects you.
2. A shovel is a young player's best friend.
3. The help files are quite helpful, although they're long and cluttered,
   usually any question you have about MUD in general, you can find the
   answers to there.  If not..use the forum at , that's what 
   it's there for.
4. The quickest way to get people to help you, is to show that you're 
   capable of living without their help.

5. Early on..exp is ten times as important as money..if you can afford 
   to train, then you have enough.  The sooner you get exp leads, the 
   more likely you are to get the better equipment.  Money will come to 
   you along the way, it's completely secondary.  This contradicts my 
   2nd statement, but, it takes very little time away from your exping 
   to get lots of money with a shovel.
6. Lots of knowledgeable MUD folk have ICQ/email and don't mind answering
   questions.  If you want to know something, the best way to find out 
   is to ask..we were all new players once.
Contact me anytime.
ICQ: 30893275
Email:[email protected]
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= FUN STUFF =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
-=ANSWERS to last weeks MajorMUD TRIVIA CONTEST 
1. What special ability was the golden belt once rumored to do?
        Answer:Make you untrackable.
2. What is the Guildmaster's name?
3. What should you do with a summoning bone?
 	Answer:Take it to the guildmaster and ask him about the necromancer.
4. What does Dhelvanen give you in exchange for 50 black diamonds?
	Answer:A magical rune (which you then exchange for meditate).
5. What happened to Thrag's tooth?
 	Answer:Cygani (gypsy trainer in Silvermere) tripped him and it broke.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= New MUD Game =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Just bigbanged one of the muds on Metro. The new game is a "reset mud". 
It will have regular contests and reset at regular intervals. One of 
the main reasons for doing this is to test new updates out with a new
realm each time, in addition to the long term running realms we have 
as well. With 1.11f we timed it with a reset of one of our other games, 
and it helped us catch a lot of unbalancing problems that none of the
existing realms ran into - they really only hurt a new game. So, we 
decided this would be a good solution. 


Also, it may be fun for all of you out there that like to play new 
games and race for questors all the time. This first contest runs 
from 4/8/01 to 5/8/01 and the contest is a race to the top of your 
class. The top person in each class at the end of the contest will 
win the opportunity to help design an item for that class, that 
will go into a future update of MajorMUD for players everywhere!
If you missed out this time, don't another 30 days we'll 
have another fun contest. telnet://

-------------------------- SPONSOR MESSAGE ---------------------------
-=[ Operation DataStorm ]=- & telnet://
We've been around for 12 years, and we've been gaming since day one.
If you want to play, don't want to worry about resets, and demand a
reliable connection to play over, come check us out for 30 days on the
house! (Trial - 30 days unlimited time) (Monthly unlimited time - $5)
-=[ Operation DataStorm ]=- & telnet://
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WORLDGROUP NEWS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The News from Worldgroupware

We have added a section on Btrieve errors and what they mean to the 
FAQs on our site.  The FAQs are available through our primary tech 
support page.  This is in response to questions that support has 
been receiving about what the various Btrieve error numbers mean.

We've been asked if Worldgroup sysops can combine the line counts from 
2 or more Worldgroup systems into one large line count.  The short 
answer is "not at this time".  The primary objection to line count 
combining by NetVillage seems to be that there is no way to remove a 
legal registration number from the list of valid Worldgroup systems.
Ownership transfer of existing Worldgroup systems and line counts is 
permitted.  We'll post a form on our site that sysops can download to 
execute a transfer of ownership.  

Since we are unable to let sysops combine line counts, we've decided 
to run a special on line count upgrades.  For the month of April, 
the price of user line count upgrades will be cut by 25-33% to 
$150 / 6-pack (save $50) , $175 / 8-pack (save $75), 
and $200 / 10-pack (save $100).   
Any legitimate sellers of a Worldgroup system should be able to 
provide you with a Registration # that can be checked against the 
Galacticomm customer database.  This protects you by allowing you 
to verify ownership of the system, and lets you check the current 
line count of the license.  Before you buy, you can email 
[email protected] and we will check the reg # against the 
database for you free of charge.  
You should also insist on receiving the original CD.  Although 
demo versions of Worldgroup were available for download, we have 
been told by NetVillage that everyone who purchased Worldgroup 
legally received a CD and a page with the Registration # and 
Activation Code.  
There are pirated versions of Worldgroup out there that are 
essentially "hexed" versions of the demo, so be careful!  
Worldgroupware will not sell line count upgrades, add-ons, 
or do any tech support for any system that cannot be verified 
as legit.  We will also be restricting the Worldlink server to 
legit systems only, so "buyer beware" when purchasing used 
WG systems.
Happy MUDing
Don Barr
[email protected]
P.O. Box 1241
Laurel, MD  20725-1241
(410) 850-9019 Voice
(410) 850-0486 Fax
Stay tuned for the next issue...
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