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                       -= MajorMUD NEWS =-

 Moderated by:                                       Published by:
 Shannon Stewart & Lisa Yeomans                      METROPOLIS Inc.
 [email protected]                       

 April  2002                                          Issue # IV

 The Metro staff wants to express it's extreme pleasure, gratitude
 and thanks to Lisa Yeomans for her dedication and expertise with
 research, writing and editing the MajorMUD Newsletter.

 Please send your story ideas and feedback to Lisa, the latest
 addition to our MajorMUD news staff at [email protected]

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    -=Capture of the Month

    -=Tete-A-Tete With Frost

    -=Bard's Tale of the Month (Share your journey's through the Realm.)

    -=Hints, Tips and Teasers

    -=You Asked, We Answered!
        (Player Submitted Questions Answered By The Pros)

    -=Are you a socializer? Killer? Achiever?
        Find out by taking the Bartle Test!

    -= Top Two Resources to Improve your MajorMUD Characters

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 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Capture of the Month -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 This month's capture of the month is courtesy of Remik. Here is his level
 50 druid taking out the Hill Giant Chieftain.

  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Tete-A-Tete With Frost =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 I had the pleasure of doing this month's interview with the infamous

 Frost currently holds the character with the most experience in the
 world of MajorMUD, a level 65 Dark-Elf Mystic. So here's what we
 found out about Frost and his MajorMUD career and what his hopes are
 for MajorMUD.

 MMN: How long ago did you start playing mud and who gotcha into this

 Frost: I used to play Crossroads of the Elements on a bbs called
        The Rock Garden in Phx AZ.  The sysop there Jeff, wrote some
        muds and we all enjoyed them to a point but they all had an
        ending of sorts. So after 'beating' everything else it was onto
        mmud. I played premod days and by hand for several classes.
        Cleric was my favorite at the time. That game is now Metro's
        mud live game. I quit playing there when Metro purchased the bbs.

 MMN: What are your current characters and where?

 Frost: I have 3 chars that I play, all on
               Dwarf Priest
               Delf Mystic
               Gobby Druid
               All level 65
               With the raping that mystics got I should say I have 2 and
               1/2 chars :)   shhh don't put
               that in there or Izak will scream real loud

 MMN: What's your fondest memory in mud? Any particular events that stand
 out, or a boss runs gone bad?

 Frost: When you say boss run gone bad, I instantly think of the first
        trip to the Dao Lord on my bbs.  I think we were one of the
        first groups to make the trip and I died on the dark level of
        the pyramid. No biggie I figured because we had other people
        die before and knew that their gear fell thru to the scorched
        caverns. So I go looking and there is nothing to be found.
        I spent four solid days trying to figure out what happened.
        Our sysop finally showed up and I got him to check the sys lim
        list for my gear and sure enough; it was in the scorched caverns.

       The problem was that it was at a fire pit that hadn't been
       connected to the game. After about 25 emails to Lance and Co
       and three weeks time they came out with a patch and I got my
       gear back.

 MMN: So do you think mud is currently unbalanced?

 Frost: You don't really want to get me started on balance do ya????
        I will give you the short answer and you can decide. I have
        seen (for the most part) two definitions of balance when people
        talk about this game.

        One is that everyone should be close to each other in ability
        the other is that people who pay more should get more overall.
        I am a strong believer that you should get what you pay for,
        if your  chart is 500% you should cream the hell out of the
        guy with a 200 chart in about every aspect. Now, with that in
        mind, this game is not balanced in either way currently.
        I don't see much wrong with the upper end classes at all, it
        is the baseline that wrecks the whole system.

 MMN:  So where would you like to see MajorMUD go in the future?

 Frost: The future HAS to be remort and it must be done soon. I
        understand that there are not a lot of bbs's like ours out
        there but we have a whole ton of char's that have been maxed
        out since mod 2.  A new max level would come out and we could
        gain exp for less  than a month and then wait, it gets old.

 MMN:   What, in your opinion, would make MajorMUD more balanced?

 Frost: First, exp charts.  Thieves should be made 100%, warriors and
        wh's both 145%, mystics 300%, ranger 275%, everyone else should
        be reworked and fit in the middle based on power and
        playability/survival rate.

 MMN:   What direction would you like to see MajorMUD take?

 Frost: This is on the line of what I heard, what I can say, and what
        I hope all rolled into one.

        Hopefully the j/k/l versions lay the groundwork for two
        long-term goals for the game overall, remort and a stand-alone
        version of the game.

        By stand alone I mean getting off of world group, something I
        am sure sysops would love to see happen almost as much as Metro.

        It has been stated several times that the combat system/acc
        cap/spell casting/mres and all of that is going to be handled
        between mod 9 and 10. IF metro does it and gets it right then
        mod 10 is wide open and can go any which way including remort.

        I know that mod 10-12 and maybe even more are penciled in
        already but I think if their working of everything works out
        then we could see much more elaborate stuff in future releases.

        I think the biggest thing holding this game back currently is
        the cost of the WG software.

        The biggest thing is that people don't know what the grand
        scheme of things are in the mind of Metro (and no I don't
        think they should share it either)....when I hear a complaint
        about this or that I can agree with the person, but also know
        that long term they would likely be happy.

        That is why when someone bashes an idea or something that Metro
        has put in now that I get somewhat defensive. Some things may
        appear overpowered or underpowered at the current time but when
        things are changed up in the next couple of releases then it
        will have to be looked at again.

 Frost: Oh you have to somehow work in me saying hello to Draka in here
        too :) He eats that kinda stuff up

 MMN:   Ok, now I must ask, who IS Draka?

 Frost: Draka is the first official neko wh...he plays on our board
        and he caught major major crap in the forums when he said he
        was gonna try that race/class combo.

        I think he pretty much led the way to sneaking combat classes
        becoming popular. That is where the much rumored and now
        available Draka's Blade came from.

 MMN:   Any final thoughts on MajorMUD or anything else?

 Frost: Final thoughts on MMUD....  I think people should give Metro
        the release of mod 10 and the versions between now and then
        to pass any serious kind of judgment on them.

        With the upcoming game changes we will finally get to see
        what their idea of balance is as well as them having original
        material to work with other than tweaking and changing wcc's
        long outdated game structure.

        And remember, it IS just a game.

  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bard's Tale of the Month =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Submit a short story or poem for the next issue of MajorMUD News.
 [email protected]

  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hints, Tips and Teasers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

  Newbie hints and tips of the month:

  -= Set suicide - This is not only something that will keep you from
  accidentally making a blunder but will also help to give you protection
  from someone using bugs to get your script to do it for them.

  -= Don't bite off more than you can chew. - If you don't like gear
  recovery runs then ask before you jump into something new.  Someone
  on your bbs or the forums will likely point you in the right direction.

  PVP hints and tips of the month:

 -= Set warn off - Unless you like going to attack someone and having
 nothing happen, in which case, feel free to leave yours on!

 -= Set talk slow - For those of us that have fat fingers
 (aka typoitis) this can save you from giving away your evil intentions
 or your hidden position.

 Module 9 hints and tips of the month:

 -= Heed the Farmer's advice - Some of his animals have serious issues
 going on.  If you talk to him he will supply you with some valuable
 information, which will likely save you a life and a long walk naked.

 -= Beware: The Arylsian Mayor has spiders on the brain.
 He likely won't give you an explanation, but if you attack him he
 will show you.

 -= Teaser of the month:

 Library navigation:
 Count your total steps until you find a door, subtract a number
 that leaves only 4.  I just told you the shortest number of
 steps to the door.

  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You Asked, We Answered! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 Q: With the reworking of the combat system, do you plan to rework the
 bosses as well so they are not overpowered with the new system?
 A: Yes, since we are changing the combat system, the stats monsters
 use for combat are being changed as well.

 Q: Currently the stat for combat is agility, in the future will
 strength play more of a role in combat?
 A: Yes, strength will play a much more important role in combat then
 just being a damage bonus.

 Q: Are there any plans in the future to impliment the loan system
 in the banks?
 A: There are no plans for a loan system at this time.

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bartle Test =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

  Are you a socializer? Killer? Achiever?
  Find out by taking the Bartle Test!

 -=-=-=-= Top Two Resources to Improve your MajorMUD Characters =-=-=-=-

 -= MegaMUD
 A fully configurable, 32-bit MajorMud terminal, that provides complete
 game play automation and enhanced manual-play aids.
 -Point and click interface...
 -Custom editable monster/ememy files...
 -Great features like Auto-PVP, Auto-Roam, Auto-Train, and Auto-Attack!
 -Frequent updates and new features being added.
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 -= MajorMUD Maps
 is an Illustrated Atlas of Jiggs Longthorne's travels in the Realm of Legends.
 These maps come with a running story line that gives various hints and tips
 for your own travels in the lands surrounding Silvermere.
 -Easy to read format...
 -Notebook layout for easy additions...
 -A rich storyline to follow along!
 -Includes hints and tips to solve those game puzzles.
 Learn more at ->>

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Metropolis New Look =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 We're pleased to announce the re-designed Metropolis website.
 Take a peak and send us your feedback.

 WEBMASTERS:Please change your links to the new url.


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