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                         -= MajorMUD NEWS =-

Moderated by:					      Published by:
Shannon Stewart                                     METROPOLIS Inc.       
John Grathwohl                      		  [email protected]
Nathan Clapp

August 2003 Issue # V
Please send your story ideas and feedback to John, the latest addition to
our MajorMUD news staff at [email protected]

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=1.11n Release News

-=Capture of the Month

-=Interview With Nathan

-=Bard's Tale of the Month (Short stories)

- Adventure on the High Seas.

-=Tips on PvP, Scripting and for Newbs! We got it all.

-=You Asked, We Answered!
(Player Submitted Questions Answered By The Pros)

-= Top Five Resources to Improve your MajorMUD Characters

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We do: MajorMUD Products, BBS Software, and Hot New PC Games! Great Prices!
Quick Delivery! Excellent Customer Service!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1.11n Release News -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

1.11n will be available for download to registered owners on Thursday,
August 28th.  The release notes are as follows:

 MajorMUD - Realm of Legends                                 Release Notes
                     +   Version 1.11n - 08/28/2003    +
1)  Items given via a NPC should no longer delete from a deathpile or during
2)  Adjusted the armour class, damage resistance and encumbrance of a
    majority of armour items.
3)  When dying in a room with no exits, the game will now attempt to
    move your death pile to the previous 20 rooms you traveled, before
    sending it to the sysop support chamber.
4)  Attached a rubbish removal room to the sysop support chamber.
5)  Formulas for backstab combat have been adjusted.
6)  Formulas for regular combat have been adjusted.
7)  Encumbrance now affects your swings on a sliding scale.
    At 50% encumbrance you will swing as normal, with less encumbrance your
    amount of swings should increase, with more encumbrance they will
8)  The top list will now display experience gained on and above 10 billion.
9)  Formula for the spell wizard knock, and future spells like it have been
10) When a party member is meditating it will now appear when you
    check your party status.
11) If you are in a protected room and a monster is with you it will no
    be able to attack you.
12) Casting detect magic spells upon an item should now correctly
    show the item's magical value.
13) The sunstone wristband is now loyal and can not be given or dropped,
    if you lost it you can get a new one from Orfeo.
14) The phoenix feather is now loyal and can not be given or dropped,
    if you lost it you can get a new one from Morukai.
15) The key for the high level trainer should now regen at it's set time of
    once every 6 hours.
16) Guardsmen will no longer teleport you to the guildmaster's chamber.
17) The "bribe guard" command should now work in every jail cell.
18) Added new spells and items
19) Fixed various typos and other reported problems
20) Fixed the unstock all command so items are no longer repopulated in the
    shop at cleanup.
21) Ganghouse emblems now provide individual stat bonus' when worn.
22) The gangleader can now create a keyring, which can be given to another
    gangmember for creation of ganghouse door keys. Use Deed will create
    the keyring. Use Keyring will create keys.
23) Ganghouse vaults that were unpickable should now be pickable by a thief
    after it has completed the 4th alignment quest.
24) Modified and added new titles for all classes.
25) The critical hit bonus gained from being quick and deadly is now
    based upon your agility.
26) It is no longer possible to be quick and deadly if your encumbrance is
27) Some undead monsters are now vulnerable to fire.
28) The disconnect message has now changed from X has just hungup!!! to
    X just disconnected!!!
29) fixed problem with multiple hideous faces appearing.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Capture of the Month -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This month's capture of the month is courtesy of Nathan, Rubi, Dotti and

Brave adventurers in the 1.11n *Beta* Live-Play realm on Masterpiece tackle
the Unholy Idol.;action=display;

"What? a half-orc thief not sucking? it must be a fake cap." Nope =)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Interview with Nathan=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

To kick start the MajorMud Newsletter under the new moderators, I figured it
would be good to talk with Nathan, a young veteran of MajorMud. Nathan's
highest character is a Level 73 Cleric on The New Magical Funhouse BBS
MajorMud Realm, #103 in the World of MajorMud, holding over 8.3 Billion Exp.
So lets see what he has to say.

MMN: When and where did you start playing MajorMud Realm of Legends?

Nathan: In about the 8th grade, on a BBS called Dragon's Lair, it was
Dial-up of course. I was Spock, the Half-Ogre Warrior.. than rerolled to a
Mage With 30 Health (grins). I only played him to level 12, at keys only you
know. No scripting.. they only had stuff like Telemate and I didn't know
enough about those programs to learn how to script anyhow.

MMN: What are your current characters and where?

Nathan: Well right now I'm running this lot of characters.
55 Dark-Elf Warlock on Holodeck
73 Dwarf Cleric (Magicom)
69 Goblin Mage (Magicom)
40th Nekojin Paladin (Magicom)
70th Half-ogre Warrior on Heaven's Portal
27th Half-Orc Thief on MetroLive
62 Kang Paladin on Dreamvision
55 Half-ogre Paladin on Misfits
44 Kang Warlock on Hotel California

MMN: Wow, that's a lot of mud characters...

Nathan: Yeah...

MMN: The ritualistic question, what are your most cherished MajorMud
moments? Boss runs? PvP Kills? Practical jokes..?

Nathan: I don't really have any in particular, but I like talking late
nights with the girls of MajorMud, they make the game so much fun. Like for
instance, Athena from Magicom, Desirae from my first board, Kit Blake.. the
more girls the better. Also I didn't forget you Mistress :)

MMN: Do you feel that MajorMud is too unbalanced? If so, why?

Nathan: There are a couple of things I find unbalanced.
Namely AC, but it's on the right path with the overhaul.
The experience charts for Missionary and Gypsy are not balanced in my
opinion. For their difficulty it shouldn't take so much to level.

Low level monsters having the ability to All-Out attack,
an Orc Trainee shouldn't be able to 1-round a Level 13 Druid. And monsters
like.. Gibbering horrors and Darken Beasts, really annoy me.

MMN: Where do you see MajorMud in the future?

Nathan: I see MajorMud becoming more balanced and realistic, as it is coming
along in the 1.11n public beta, it seems to be on the right track. The game
will always be limited to being non-graphical, but I think that's nice.
Diablo got boring so, back to MajorMud etc.

MMN: What, in your opinion, would make MajorMud more balanced?

Nathan: Fixing the experience charts, getting what you pay for is my
opinion. Also, maybe moving attacks beyond a maximum of 5 per round.

I think the difficulty of the class should be reflected in their exp chart.
In other words, the easier classes to play (like paladin and warrior) should
cost more.

MMN: What direction would you like to see MajorMUD take?

Nathan: I think graphical would be cool.. but text is what makes it so
sweet. Most people can't read what's going on with my computer screen, which
is kinda cool. So leave it as it is.

MMN: Any final thoughts on MajorMUD or anything else?
Nathan: Yeah..
Gibbering Horrors
Darken Beasts
Sea hags



And room confusion sucks...

But maybe, some spell durations should be modified like Weak and Powerless,
and Sandstorm..they just last incredibly to long.

I'd also love to see more class-restricted items in the game, and something
to make your own character unique, for instance being able to add words to
your non-limited items name like, instead of red dragon boots, you could
make them Red Dragon-wing boots..etc. And the ability to engrave limiteds
would totally rock.

MMN: Thanks for your time I'm sure everyone enjoyed reading. Gotta love ya
Nate =)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bard's Tale of the Month =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

~~ Sands ~~ by Iorek.;action=displ

Submit a short story or poem for the next issue of MajorMUD News.
[email protected]

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Hints, Tips and Teasers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Newb hints and tips of the month:

-= Set suicide - This is not only something that will keep you from
accidentally making a blunder but will also help to give you protection from
someone using bugs to get your script to do it for them. Type "Set Suicide"
and you will be prompted to input a password, type in what password you want
used to suicide your character or in the event you decide to reroll this
password will also be used.

-= Don't be too reckless. - If you don't like gear
recovery runs, then ask before you jump into something new. Someone on your
bbs or the forums will likely point you in the right direction.

-=Don't be afraid to try something new. - Although you might not know what
your getting into, the fun is in the sport of being wild and just going out
on adventure. If concerned, ask for help or others opinions on the
adventure, to see if they believe you stand a fair chance. PVP hints and
tips of the month: Very basic rules of thumb for people new to the field of

-= Set warn off - Unless you like going to attack someone and having nothing
happen, in which case, feel free to leave yours on!

-= Set talk slow - For those of us that have fat fingers
(aka typoitis) this can save you from giving away your evil intentions or
your hidden position.

Advanced tactics 101

-=Not a class that has spells to heal or spells to damage and your having A
hard time landing a hit on someone that your defending against or trying to
eliminate? Try some of these fun items made for PvP: Crimson Bracers (Found
at Blue Tower, drops from a few chests) These spiffy armlets will fry your
enemy a few times a day with a Instant-Damage Spell. White Satin Gloves
(Return the Golden Chalice to the bishop) These nice gloves will heal you or
a friend if worn, a few times a day for free! Potions (Various shops and
chests) Orange Potion = Heroism +6 accuracy. Minor Healing Potion (Minor
healing) Turquoise Potion (Major Healing) Green Potion (Speed! Swing more!)
Embroidered Black Gauntlets (Drops from the Massive Chest in Black Fortress)
These elite Evil-Only Leather Gloves will cast a drain spell on an enemy a
few times A day, get an edge with these suckers.

-=Scripting Tip of the Month: Elemental Resistance - With everyone talking
about the overpowered Platemail Classes raking in the experience, and
everyone else suffering with lower AC, this tip helps Mages, Druids,
Warlocks, Gypsies, Rangers Bards, Thieves, and Missionary Classes looking
for good experience spots in their low 40th level and up range.

The 4 realms of Dragons added a few versions back seem kind of tough at
first, but once you see beyond that facade, you can take advantage of them
the way they are meant to be. This month I'll show you how to rule the
region under the Ice Tower.

White Dragons - Gear up with the following:
Optimal Gear would fit on Rangers and Druids, as they are the kings of
Elemental Resist. Required Light = 230~250 Illuminate.. not sure, over 200

Weapons to get:
Icehammer (Dropped by Frost Hydra - 2H Blunt) offers an extreme +50% Resist
Cold Blizzardfang (Dropped by Frost Giant -1H Bladed Mage/Mystic OK) +50%
Resist Cold Flaming Scimitar (Dropped by Demoness Irikani - 1H Bladed) +50%
Resist Cold Ice Crystal Falchion (Dropped by Ice Chest from Massive White
Dragon - 1H
Bladed) +5% Resist Cold
Ice Crystal Staff (Druid Staff Quest 2H Blunt, Druid Only) +25% Resist Cold

Accessory & Armor items to get:
Skull Mask - (Dropped by Necromancer on Module-5 Quest) +200 Room light or
Carved Ivory Mask + Night Vision Race
+ Lanterns of whatever sort, or if Warlock take advantage of the Free 
+ (In
Miners Guild of Khazarad) Mining Helm +175 Light.
Sapphire Ring (Sold at Blue Tower & Sarkhee's Jewelry, drops from various
chests) +25% Resist Cold
Fur Cloak (Sold in Arlysia and drops from Module-9 Chests) +10% Resist Cold
Fur Gloves (Same as Fur Cloak) +5% Resist cold Fur Boots (Drops from Various
Module-9 Chests) +10% Resist Cold Mantle of the Woodsman (4th Alignment
Quest - Dark Phoenix - Rangers Only)
+15% Resist cold
White Dragonhide Armor Set (Ask Aged Titan "Prices" for the required $ and
Hides needed) Total Resist Cold +25%

Spells to Cast:
Song of the Elements (Bards)
Resist Cold (Mage,Gypsy,Warlock,Ranger,Druid)
Globe of the Elements (Druid) +25% Resist Cold.
If you have over 100% Resist cold, the cold breath from the Dragons HEAL
YOU! Watch out though, they do bite and claw you occasionally, if your
getting healed however this won't be too much of a problem.

Module 9 hints and tips of the month:

-=Thirsty Vampires - Having trouble being deeply bitten? Fear no longer. If
you can find the people in the game with the Large Silvery Cross, Copper
Cross (unlimited), Holy Medallion and Sunburst Necklace, you can prance
about hickey free from vampires.

-=Teaser of this month - "-=1.11n Hints and tips!=-"
Be sure to explore and talk to every NPC you can, and behead the foul fiends
of the realm for the greater good.. or evil!

Coming soon ^_^;

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You Asked, We Answered! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Submit your questions to [email protected] 

-=-=-=-= Top Five Resources to Improve your MajorMUD Characters =-=-=-=-

-= MegaMUD
A fully configurable, 32-bit MajorMud terminal, that provides complete game
play automation and enhanced manual-play aids. -Point and click interface...
-Custom editable monster/enemy files... -Great features like Auto-PVP,
Auto-Roam, Auto-Train, and Auto-Attack! -Frequent updates and new features
being added. Download a demo instantly ->

-= MajorMUD Maps
is an Illustrated Atlas of Jiggs Longthorne's travels in the Realm of
Legends. These maps come with a running story line that gives various hints
and tips for your own travels in the lands surrounding Silvermere. -Easy to
read format... -Notebook layout for easy additions... -A rich storyline to
follow along! -Includes hints and tips to solve those game puzzles. Jiggs'
>> Learn more at ->>

*Current as of 1.11m Text only Maps at

A website dedicated to MajorMud and content rich.
Character development help, maps, quest walkthroughs, Sysop Help, Monster
and Item Database, BBS Reviews! Learn more at ->>

-=Turbo Database
This website contains straight Item Statistics in mostly Alphabetical order,
Plan how to customize your MajorMud character and scope out new
possibilities for the future of your character through TurboDB and
MUDCentral. Learn more at ->>

Looking for an alternative from illustrated maps? Just want hardcore text
maps..? Look no farther, Mud Atlas has up-to-date Maps of the entire realm
to aid you In your adventures. Learn more at ->>


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