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                             -= MajorMUD News =-

 Editors:                                                         Published by:
 Shannon Stewart & April Caldwell                                METROPOLIS Inc.
 [email protected]                                    
 November 2003                                                        Issue # X

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    -=Feature Story
        IZaK and the Future of MajorMUD   
    -=Bard's Tale:
        The Adventures of Grok Mirrorbreaker  
    -=Holiday Special
        Green Thanksgiving   
     -=Current Adventurers
        Meet Locke Cole 

    -=Take A Tour
        Around Version 1.11n 

    -=Nity's Notions
        More answers than an 8-Ball!
    -=MajorMUD Resources
        5 Stars for Mudinfo

        What MajorMUD Race Are You? 
    -=Realm of Legends
        Fire Twins of Irikani
    -=In the Spotlight
        Misfits BBS

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Feature Story =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 IZaK and the Future of MajorMUD
 by Daymia 
 Alot of players have been asking, just what IS the future of MajorMUD?  Since
 this question really encompasses an entire body of more specific questions, we 
 broke up the answer to do the same.  Here it is according to the man behind the
 curtain, IZaK.
 D:    Can you give any hints or teasers to players about the next mod? 

 IZaK: The setting for Module 10 is mentioned somewhat in Module 9, when 
       characters receive a vision after they enter the shadowy portal, assuming
       they defeated Zanthus. This indicates that Module 10 will include a city 
       of great evil and corruption. There will also be some places outside the 
       city that the players can adventure in as well. Module 10 will include 
       class-specific and non-specific side quests for the players to enjoy, so 
       there will be things to do other then dealing with the lich. ;) 
 D:    Some players have been asking, will Mod 10 bring to conclusion the 
       struggle against Zanthus?  And, will this be the end of alignment quests? 

IZaK:  Module 10 will bring a conclusion of sorts with Zanthus, at least as far 
       as defeating his plans.  It won't necessarily be the last we see of him 
       though, as liches have been known to stay around awhile. This will not be
       the end of the alignment quests either, although it will bring a 
       conclusion to this chapter with them, allowing for a new threat to rear 
       its ugly head and need to be dealt with. 
 D:    Post Module 10, what subjects will future modules be visiting?

 IZaK: Well we've got alot of ideas for what the next module should be.  We'd 
       like to stay away from modules like 5 or 8 that were specific area 
       expansions to existing places, rather then it all being self contained in
       its own spread of real estate. Sometime in March, I held a poll in the 
       Ideas forum asking where people would like to see the game expand to 
       next, and a good deal of the votes seemed to indicate a desire for new 
       planes of existance to be the next focus. It's not a sure thing that 
       Module 11 will be an adventure in an elemental plane, or the depths of 
       the Underworld, things of that nature, but it will play a role in our 
       decision-making process. 

 D:    How can players expect to be able to use their accumulating CPs in the 

 IZaK: Our plan is still to allow for using CPs to boost stats over the racial 
       cap, specific to what class the player is.  So, a warrior could increase 
       their strength, a mage their intellect, etc. It won't allow for a boost 
       in every stat.  We're also intending to allow for using CPs to boost 
       hps/mana, and some of the secondary stats.  This might change once we 
       finally get to the point that we can perform these changes, and see what 
       comes out from that, but for now that is our intent. Additionall we plan
       to add some new abilities people will be able to spend CPs on.

 D:    Alot of players are beginning to hit the level cap of 75.  What does the 
       future look like for level maximums in general? 

 IZaK: We'd like to implement a remort system, similar to what other text-based 
       games use when their characters reach a certain level. When we first 
       brought this up in the forums, there were some players who said there 
       would be no chance they'd want to remort regardless of the benefit, so 
       we'd like to work out something to make them happy as well. It's easy to 
       understand the need to continue gaining experience and being on that Top 
       World List, but that isn't for everyone and we really can't see just 
       adding on more and more trainers until a player reaches level 500 and 
       beyond.  Once we know that a sound remort system will be implemented 
       we'll decide then whether the last trainer will be in or to allow for 
       further training. 
 D:    In Mudideas you've often made mention of a spellcasting overhaul.  Many
       casters are asking, what will this cover? 

 IZaK: Currently the spellcasting stat doesn't mean a whole lot for spells. It 
       determines whether the cast was succesful or not. We plan on changing how 
       it's used in the game, to be more impactful when it comes to casting a 
       spell, the damage it does, or how long it lasts. 
 D:    How will this affect the three major casting groups as opposed to bards 
       and mystics? 

 IZaK: The spellcasting overhaul will open up some spells previously restricted 
       to Mage, Priest, and Druid to the lower casting classes. It will also 
       create more of a difference in spell performance between the various 
       races, as well as impact how easy it will be for a player to add a spell 
       to their spellbook.  Bards will be effected at least in regards to how 
       charming their race is, since charm is a main spellcasting stat for the 
       class. Mystics will be the least effected by this overhaul, since they 
       don't have a spellcasting stat. 

 D:    At the tip of everyone's tongue:  Are you satisfied with the current 
       class balance? 

 IZaK: I'm not sure the answer will ever be yes to that question. 
 D:    What types of things are you aiming to address to balance it? 

 IZaK: I think there still need to be some tweaks to the combat changes brought 
       with 1.11n and some of the other balances will hopefully be addressed 
       with the changes to spellcasting.  I'd like to add a few new abilities to
       the game that would improve the general gameplay of some classes, outside 
       of scripting profeciency. 
 D:    Another hot topic:  Do you have any plans to rework experience charts for
       races and/or classes? 

 IZaK: Yes, although more the class charts then the race charts. 
 D:    Besides tweaking the percentage charts, will you be changing classes or 
       races internally as well, such as raising a race's max stat, etc.? 

 IZaK: I don't think there will be any sort of internal changes to races and 
       classes by default.  I'd like to add side-quests for races and classes
       to gain new abilities, similar to how the mod 8 and gaunt one quests, 
       where you have to reach a certain level before performing a required task
       and gaining a new skill as a result. 
 D:    Just to make a statement, will new races and classes be added? 

 IZaK: Most definitely, absolutely, without a doubt. 
 D:    Any race or class concepts that are sure bets? 

 IZaK: Well I've been quoted plenty of times as saying the wardancer will be the 
       first class added, but that won't be the ONLY class or race added. There 
       have been plenty of race and class discussions put forth in the ideas 
       forum, so there's already a wealth to choose from there. Some personal 
       favorites of mine have been Psionic and Artificer for classes and 
       Minotaur and Pixie for races. Shannon favors a Beastmaster.  We might
       easily just add all of the developed ones posted about in the forums, but 
       that will also depend on how well they play once they are added for 
       testing - as well as developing quest weapons and titles if they have not 
       already been decided. I know alot of people desire to see some of the class 
       "gaps" filled in with things like a Combat-3 Druid-2 class and an 
       additional Bard or Kai class, but I don't want our additions to be 
       restrained by such things.  I'd like to add further spellgroups and combat 
       restrictions to the game when we get to that point. 
 D:    There's alot of speculation about the Wardancer class.  Many wonder in
       general, just what will their final stats be?

 IZaK: That will be revealed when the class is implemented. I think the last 
       thing I said about the class was that there will be a twist involved with
       the wardancer class, outside of what has already been discussed.  So, I 
       am keeping that secret until the bitter end. ;) 
 D:    Let's turn to some specific concerns brought forth by others.  Some 
       monsters outside of Mod-9 were made Magical-5, yet most of the weapons 
       that are magical-5 are inside Mod-9.  Can players look forward to seeing 
       more general M-5 weapons outside of Mod-9? 

 IZaK: Yes, Module 10 will include more magical 5 weapons to use when battling 
       the monsters of the Realm.  Additionally, the limit for magical weapons 
       is not going to be specifically set to Magic 5 for the life of the game, 
       so further versions will include Magic 6, 7, 8 etc. 
 D:    Recently some players have voiced concerns about boss chests.  Many 
       superior bosses reward boxes that drop items way below the monster's 
       difficulty level, such as getting a glowing broadsword from a dragon's
       chest.  Once bosses drop their limiteds, chests become one of the major 
       reasons people trek back out to it.  Will something be done about these 

 IZaK: Yes, this is something we are looking in to.  I believe a suggestion in 
       Mudideas in regards to this deserves some consideration.  I believe the 
       idea dealt with making chest items exclusive to specific chests, and also
       allowing for chests to be sold in the junkyard, rather then sitting 
       around taking up space. Thus far that has been the most reasonable 
       suggestion I've seen put forth, outside of our own considerations on the 
       matter. This should be addressed by the time Module 10 rolls out. 
 D:    Any plans to change or modify the good/evil points system? 

 IZaK: Yes, we've had the intent of adding further levels of good for quite 
       awhile, as well as changing how gaining evil points works in the game,
       hopefully we'll be able to add that system fairly soon. 
 D:    Any plans to expand on the elements, i.e., add an air element or 
       holy/evil type element? 

 IZaK: In the 3rd neutral quest, the current element of lightning is addressed 
       as relating to air, so I don't know that there is a true need to separate
       the two at this point.  I would like to see some holy and unholy elements
       added to spells and possibly a Kai element as well. I think most of the 
       basics are covered in that regard, but there is always room for 
 Well, there you have it folks!  If you've still got questions or think issues
 need answers, drop a line at IZaK's Mudideas in the Mudcentrals forum.  Every
 post is read, every voice is heard.       
 What would YOU like to see featured in future MajorMUD newsletters?  Have an
 idea for an article that you are interested in writing?  Contact Daymia at 
 [email protected] for more information about getting your articles in!
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Bard's Tale -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 The Adventures of Grok Mirrorbreaker
 by Radirac

 The burly half-orc gritted his sharp teeth, and felt his muscles tightening in 
 anticipation. The figures surrounding him remained motionless, watching him 
 patiently, without a sound. Grok suppressed a low growl in the bottom of his 
 throat, and clenched his leather gauntlets around the polished wood in his 
 hands. After a few moments of tense silence, Grok took a deep breath, and with
 all his might suddenly broke into a hearty song of travelling, singing in a 
 high, off-key pitch.  "Booo!" a voice in the crowd shouted. Grok lost his 
 concentration, and nearly dropped his wooden mandolin in embarrassment. 

 The crowd started laughing as he fumbled. He even noticed one of the Homely 
 Hearth guards stifling a chuckle.  
 "Who rolls a Horc bard anyway?" taunted another voice from somewhere in the 
 crowd.  Trying to regain his composure, Grok straightened up and prepared his 
 witty retort.  
 "I'll have you know that I'm quite ferocious and as tough as nails," he said.  
 "Your mana regen's gonna suck till you're like, lev 60!" the heckler yelled 
 again. The crowd roared with laughter, and the mighty Grok felt a deep blush 
 rising up in his cheeks, despite his dark grey skin.  
 "Aye," said a dwarf standing near the bar. "But what do ye expect for 80 max 
 "Actually," said Grok, baring his fangs indignantly, "Since 1.11n came in, I 
 can just cast song of beauty and make it *85! Which is as good as yours, 
 "Lol!" said a half-ogre thief near the front of the crowd.
 "Much has changed since 1.11n," Grok continued.
 "Does your quest cloak have a spell yet?" yelled an elf paladin. The crowd 
 laughed again as Grok glanced unhappily at his lyrist's companion, searching 
 for an answer.
 "One of these days... one of these days..." he mumbled quietly. 

 The crowd shuffled anxiously, and one of them hefted a bowl of beef stew, as if
 preparing to throw it.
 "Oh, wait!" Grok piped up suddenly, remembering something. "Encumbrance is much
 more important now, and it's even spelled correctly." The crowd quietened down,
 deciding to give Grok a chance to speak.  "And keyrings," the half-orc 
 continued. "Ganghouse keyrings, that mean I don't have to picklock my way into 
 my own gang's house all the time."
 "Yeah, that was my idea," mumbled a leather-clad nekojin seated at one of the 
 nearby tables.
 "And... ummm..." Grok searched his 90 max intellect for more changes from the 
 latest version.
 "There still seem to be multiple hideous faces appearing. Around here!" the elf
 paladin yelled out. A couple of people in the crowd chuckled, but most of them 
 had heard the joke a million times.
 "Stfu!" yelled Grok, losing his patience as half-orcs tend to do. "You're just 
 bitter because you can't carry all your armor any more."
 "Lol!" said a half-ogre thief near the front of the crowd.
 "Nuh-uh," replied the elf paladin, shaking his head. "I did have to reoptimise 
 my gear though. My kph went down a little, but it's still pretty good."
 "Really?" asked Grok.
 "Yeah. And I actually dodge pretty well in most places, and thanks to the q&d 
 cap going up with my agil now, my damage is pretty grood too. I mean... good. 
 Good and great."
 "Aye," mumbled the dwarf standing near the bar. "And there be much less 
 deathpile poofing, eh laddy?"
 The elf paladin nodded in agreement. "Yeah, on the last fire twins run, my 
 dupe's dragon hide stuff didn't poof, and deathpiles stack differ-- Hey, 
 where'd my beer go?"

 The crowd looked around and saw that the mighty, yet graceful elf paladin's 
 beer had indeed disappeared from his very hands. All eyes turned to Grok, 
 knowing that desperate bards sometimes resort to thievery. But the burly 
 half-orc was still fumbling around with his wooden mandolin, and in the face of
 Grok's obvious incompetence they realised that the culprit must be elsewhere. 
 The Homely Hearth's doors suddenly rattled shut, and they noticed that the 
 half-ogre thief was nowhere to be seen. As the crowd gasped in wonder, an echo 
 could be heard through the streets of someone laughing out loud.
 Interested in writing a short story or epic poem rooted in or around 
 Silvermere?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] for information about how to
 get your story in next month's issue!
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Holiday Special -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 Green Thanksgiving
 by Daymia
  Once a year the day comes where we join together for the communal feasting
 and celebration of togetherness and thanks.  We roast large fowl, mash 
 plant roots, delight in freshly made pies, and down pink ooze by the gallon.  
 But as you are about to read, we are not the only people who honor this 
 traditional holiday.  
  The year is... ok forget the year.  But know that it was a long, long time 
 ago.  The land is called the Blackwood Forest, and it is beautiful.  The sun
 glistens through the trees, squirrels chirp from the underbrush, and flowers
 turn their faces to the morning sky.  Humans live in peace, dwelling in small 
 nomadic tribes or in established communities throughout the land.  Many have
 settled to make farms, bearing flourished crops and nourished livestock.  Then,
 one day, when bliss could be no less unsuspecting, a new dawn awoke.  
  A furry little band of creatures with no name arrived in the land.  They were
 adorable!  They spoke in a sweet, high-pitched tongue, knowing little or none
 of the local language.  The humans knew not what to make of them.  They enjoyed
 the creatures' company, delighting in their culture and appearance.  
 Unfortunately, many of the elders warned of a green moon lighting a white sky. 
 The simple herdsmen and farmers could not make sense of the prophecies, and 
 welcomed the homeless immigrants with open arms.  No one knew where they came 
 from, or why they left, and no one asked.
  The union of human and creature prospered.  The creatures brought with them
 technology, teaching the simple farmers how to irrigate lands and culture soil.
 They taught the herdsmen to gather and preserve eggs, shoe horses and sheer 
 sheep.  Most of the forest nomads moved into the farms, offering their services
 as farmhands in exchange for bountiful food and warm shelter.  Life was 
 peaceful before, but it was prospering now.  A feast was to be had to celebrate
 the exchange between creature and human.
  Every wife baked her finest pie, every child wore his or her finest clothes.  
 The men banded together to search out the largest wild turkey, soon to be 
 roasted over an open flame.  The furry creatures waited politely, as they were
 diurnal and not accustomed to being awake too late.  At evening the troop 
 arrived, proudly hoisting their lifeless turkey.  The women wasted no time 
 preparing it.  The night sky shoed the sun away, but none despaired.  They 
 would feast even if they had to wait until the early morning hours.  The 
 creatures yawned, amusing themselves with tiny gizmos.
  At last the turkey was ready, and the table was set.  No one had eaten a 
 morsel the entire day, and stomachs growled to no avail.  The humans sat at one
 side, the creatures at the other.  Thanks were said, dishes were served, and 
 everyone helped themselves to the feast.  The high moon hit the center sky; it 
 was midnight.
  Every hungry face stuffed itself with turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and 
 mouth-watering ham.  Many smiled and congratulated each other on a meal well
 served.  The furry creatures nodded and bowed their heads to the women.
 Suddenly the commotion stopped.  A strange humming surrounded them.  The 
 creatures were morphing!  They shook in their seats, their fur blistering over
 into a pucid green skin.  Steam vaporized from their pores and colored the air
 like a hazy fog.  The moon had turned green.  The creatures were gremlins!
  The humans scattered in every direction.  Mothers grabbed children and 
 screamed for help.  Men grabbed pitchforks and rakes, ready to protect their 
 families at any cost.  The gremlins hissed and jumped atop the tables, sending 
 food flying in every direction.  They chased women into corners, pulled 
 children's hair and threw candied yams at the herdsmen.  Then, as if the 
 confusion and turmoil could not have peaked, it began to flurry snow.
  The gremlins froze, their skin bubbling painfully from the melting snow.  They
 were reproducing!  The humans, sensing what was to come, wasted no time, 
 gathering what few provisions they could carry and made a run north.  They did 
 not know where they were going but they did know they had to leave.  Some 
 stayed behind, not ready to leave their farms and animals to ruin.  Many died 
 in the escape, as the gremlins increased exponentially by the hour and grew 
 bigger and more hostile in the process.  Luckily they did not bother to follow 
 the humans, as they had a greater fear to face.  Dawn.
  If the gremlins didn't make for the trees before the sun rose they would 
 sizzle and die.  They quickly scattered, seeking shelter in the abandoned homes
 and dark undergrowth.  Many days later a shaman was crowned, and by his command
 the forest sky remained a permanent frozen night.  As long as it snowed, their 
 race would prevail.  As long as it never grew light, they would never die.  
 Their initial evil set the ball in motion for the evil that would later 
 overtake the forests.  
  The humans made their own stand far north of their abandoned farms, settling 
 in a small open land near an icy lake.  After some time a wall was developed
 around their village, and it became the city of Arlysia.  Many of the humans
 died to the gremlin's frost or from starvation, though some still remain to 
 tell the initial tale of the gremlin arrival.  They still eat wild turkey, 
 though the bird has become increasingly difficult to find, and they forever 
 remember the valuable lesson of not eating after midnight.  
  So, ever since then, though only once in a green moon, the gremlins gather
 together to celebrate the feast of Thanksgiving.  Though the menu has changed,
 the general feeling of joy still remains the same - they're happy to have been
 freed that fateful day.  In honor of this they vow to never cross the city 
 walls, but don't be caught outside them.
  Happy Thanksgiving.
 Have a great idea about Christmas in MajorMUD for next month's issue?  Would
 you like to write it?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] and let me know
 what you've got!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Current Adventurers -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 Meet Locke Cole
 by Daymia
 This month's interview was conducted with the notorious Locke Cole, one of 
 MajorMUD's most outspoken, yet most dedicated players.

 Locke's expertise with MajorMUD extends far beyond just love of the game.  He 
 also programs utilities such as MMVIEW (MajorMUD database interpretter), 
 Luminous (MajorMUD terminal), and most recently a  plug-in that allows sysops 
 to show their board's settings from the MajorMUD menu.  We decided to get a 
 closer look at the man behind the bling-bling, who he is, what he's about, and 
 what his hopes are for the future of MajorMUD.
 D:  So, how and when did you get started playing MajorMUD?  
 LC: (taps the mic)  This thing on?  (grins)
     I started playing on Boink in version 1.1g.  Post mod-1, pre mod-2.  At the
     time I'm not sure why I started playing, I think it was mostly because it 
     was the thing everyone else was doing and it seemed interesting.  I did not
     expect the type of game I ultimately got in to though-- previous to MMUD 
     the only online games I'd played with any regularity were turn-based type 
     games such as LORD or BRE.  Realtime gaming was kind of new (except for 
     stuff like DOOM of course).  I think that's what got me hooked.
 D:  What class did you play on Boink?
 LC: An Elf Druid named Locke Cole.  I chose Elf Druid because Shannon/Rhune had
     told me that it was one of the more powerful classes in the game.  I think 
     she was wrong though. (grins)  This was back when elemental fury capped out
     at 125 damage while dragonfire was doing over 200 damage I believe.  But 
     all the same, it was fun and it got me hooked of course.  Back then I was 
     teamed up with a Dwarf Warrior a lot who helped me get past some of the 
     early levels.  There was also much more time spent at keys than you see 
     these days.  (smiles)
 D:  What are your current characters and where?
 LC: I have a level 65 Nekojin Druid and a level 65 Nekojin Warlock on 
     Elitegamers BBS (, and I also have a level 71 Dark-Elf 
     Druid on LoonieBin BBS (  The chars on Elitegamers 
     both have exp for a couple levels past 65, I'm just waiting for someone 
     (cough, Savage, cough) to be at keys to help with the hard trainer.
 D:  So Locke Cole isn't into shakabuku, eh?
 LC: He is on LoonieBin, I'm hoping to avoid that fate on Elitegamers but I'm
     not holding my breath anymore.  The hard trainer was made unnecessarily 
     difficult, and really should have been a solo route all along.  The fact 
     that the easy trainer flags you so they can later determine which route you 
     took just re-enforces the lameness of it all.

 D:  Hmm.  (grins)  So, what's your most memorable experience from MajorMUD? 
 LC: Back in the day when PVP was more balanced and lasted longer than half a 
     round it was a lot of fun to kill people.  It was even more fun to do it 
     with local friends and be on the phone while doing it.  I think it had a 
     dimension to it kind of like how people chat during 3D games using things 
     like game voice/etc.  The other fondest memory that's more specific is 
     exploring mod-2 when it first came out and our first fight against Lord of 
     the Hunt on Boink. 
 D:  Were you victorious?
 LC: Yes, yes we were. (smiles)

 D:  So your partiality for Nekojins has graced the real world of late, in the 
     lives of some stray kittens.  Some have called you a hero.  Tell me more.
 LC: Yeah, this old codger walks his little white terrier type dog around the 
     neighborhood.  When he walks this dog of his, he makes the rounds through 
     our property, and I noticed over the summer that he was using the dog to 
     track and attack the stray (and domesticated/licensed) cats that call the 
     property home.  I'd decided I'd seen enough and was fed up with him.  After 
     multiple confrontations things finally turned violent and he attacked me 
     with a 2-2.5' long billy club.  Not wanting to be tossed in jail I took a 
     couple blows, went home and called the police.  They arrested him on 4th 
     degree assault, and their investigation provided me with the information I 
     needed to turn him in to the local animal control people.  I'm also going 
     to pursue an anti-harassment (order for protection) order against him.  I 
     think the kitties are safer as a result of me taking a few hits though, and
     hopefully the order if granted will force him to leave them alone.
 D:  Say, "Locke Cole" sure sounds familiar, is it from anything?
 LC: Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI in Japan), he was a Thief and was one 
     of my favorite characters from that game. (smiles)
 D:  You just successfully released a plug-in for MajorMUD.  What's next on your
 LC: I plan on doing another release of the plug-in with some minor corrections 
     and a few other settings shown, then I'm going to work on adding some other
     new features.  One possibility is an idea I saw in the sysop forum-- a 
     global command to randomly pick a number for you.  I also want to do a 
     /mudinfo command that would show some more info than /mudreg does.  I'll 
     likely also do another update of MMVIEW, and I'm still kicking around the 
     idea of doing Luminous (my terminal program for MMUD).  No promises on the
     last one of course, but I think about it still from time to time.
 D:  You are often praised for your dedication to the game.  From being an old 
     MajorMUD player, how do you feel now about the direction of MajorMUD post 
     version 1.11n?
 LC: I think MajorMUD has a chance for some real growth, and I think that it's 
     good that some of the longstanding problems (like regen being broken) are 
     finally being addressed.  At the same time, however, I feel MajorMUD is 
     languishing right now with a lack of frequently updated content and new 
     modules.  I think a healthy schedule for modules would be a new one every 
     6 months, but right now we're pushing an average of two years per module 
     it seems.  That's just not healthy for MajorMUD, and I think the morale of
     players is on the decline because of it.
 D:  If you could have any one thing changed in the game, a class, spell, item, 
     whatever, what would it be?
 LC: I'd make the golden belt be 2/0 AC again, plus what it is now.
 D:  If you could see any one thing added to the game, what would it be?
 LC: The 1H players wet dream, the nexus blade.
 D:  Any last thoughts? 
 LC: I've never done a totally nude interview before, not being a nudist and 
     all, but it's been fun!
 Who would you like to see interviewed in next month's issue? E-mail Daymia at 
 [email protected] or PM Daymia on Mudcentral forums with your nomination 
 (forums handles are fine and preferred.)  Most frequently suggested nomination 
 will be selected.  

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Take A Tour -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
 Around Version 1.11n
 by Daymia
 Alot of new items were anxiously discovered in the Realm after the recent 
 version update.  The reports of sightings came in from many cities, so I 
 gathered what provisions I could find and decided to take a tour through the 
 Realm in search of answers.
 New Fall Fashions
 Master Martok, Khazarad, turned his skill for adamantite to the craft of 
 wristguards.  Tastefully paired with black leather, and priced at a mere 20
 platinum, this item is a sure addition to your chainmail battlewear.  Not to be
 outdone, Jorah, Blue Tower, fashioned his own wristguard, only this one comes
 specially enhanced for the magically-inclined.  And at a mere 11 platinum, it
 remains a pure bargain.  Lastly, the Woodelves, Copperwood Forest, began 
 crafting belts of ogre-skin.  Asked to comment, one citizen merely said, "The 
 witchwood breastplates were doing poorly this year, so until we get to the 
 bottom of this, we started slaughtering those ogres inhabiting the ruins.  
 Occasionally they take to tipping the unicorns, and that is not cool.  Tipping 
 unicorns is not cool."
 Accessories by Adversaries
 Helms, hoods, and... tricornes?  In recent spottings, Silvermere reported 
 siting a crowning ritual of the High Druid, Barry.  Apparently, he has taken
 to wearing a thorny bush atop his head.  Our sources could not confirm.  In
 Arlysia, the urban legend Shadow Master has begun sporting a new look, a masked
 hood.  Sources say he developed a skin rash after an encounter with a rabid 
 wolf.  The same sources also reported a three-cornered hat atop the Dread 
 Pirate during a recent city raid.  None were injured.  One citizen, a dirty
 farmer, said the pillage was "quite common... too bad there is nothing here to
 steal."  His eyes shook as he spoke, seeming to have suffered a hard life.  I 
 gave him a gold coin for his troubles, which he tried to eat.
 Swamp Things
 Once again the old gypsy woman has found gypsies everywhere flocking to her
 camp.  She recently released a line of items specifically tailored to suit the 
 nomad culture: coined sashes, zills, and brightly colored clothing.  Asked 
 about her inspiration for the pieces, she said, in an old, withered voice, 
 "Look missy, they just showed up in my shop.  I don't have anything to do with 
 that.  Can't you find some other old lady to harass?  Sheesh, what IS the 
 Realm coming to."  Her son, a knife-thrower, stepped in as I made to leave.  He
 was a little more helpful.  "Aww," he cooed, "don't worry about her.  She's 
 just upset about Martok.  Seems he's built a better boot than 'er and no one's
 coming to buy hers anymore."  While he spoke I noticed the old crone muttering 
 something in my direction.  Later I understood this to be a hex, as I had 
 sprouted a tail, and all the guys from the mudforums had my phone number.
 A-head of the Rest
 Reports have been flying in of adventurers carrying severed heads as off-hand
 accessories.  Many places, such as the Homely Hearth, Silvermere, have taken to
 posting signs requiring all heads be left outside.  "They just plain stink,"
 exclaimed a barmaid at the Hearth, "people in here are trying to eat!  Then 
 someone comes in and sets a rotten head up on the counter.  Can you imagine?
 Ugh!"  She plugged her nose and nearly vomitted at the memory.  
 Casting Call
 While visiting the Homely Hearth above, I stayed on a bit for a tankard of mead
 and leg of roast mutton.  The barmaid stopped near me and expressed her pure 
 and utter boredom.  "Hardly anyone comes in anymore, except these tools," she
 gestured to the drunken brawlers, snoozing contentedly on the floor.  "I just
 don't know what it is, is it the food?  Is it me?  Instead of coming in here
 they all congregate in the bank."  She pouted, and I felt genuinely sorry for
 her.  "I miss the good ol' days when there was live music and flirting bards.
 In fact the rare times any come in I often ask them for a good tale.  Sheesh
 people, come visit me!"  
 Nature at Its Finest
 Horticulturists realmwide went crazy this fall with two new species of flowers,
 a violet orchid and water lily.  Unfortunately, the water lily does not survive
 long out of water and is ill-suited for boutonnieres.  The orchid, however, is
 a splendid choice - but only for the neutral spirited, as it grows upon the  
 Shrine of Aerdwyne and is guarded by her spirit.  The gnomes have also 
 contributed this season by finally harvesting a line of crops, including 
 potatoes, carrots, onions and pumpkins.  Asked to comment one Gnomish woman 
 said, "Well someone invented a harepowered vegedelaminator, so we needed stuff 
 to try it out on.  Oh, and occasionally we get hungry." 
 Meteor Showers
 The Arlysian Observatory reported a recent meteor shower event which supposedly 
 primarily struck the Blackwood Forest.  While most of the meteors were absorbed
 into the atmosphere, some are expected to have landed.  It is anticipated that
 the meteorites were gathered by the tribes dwelling in the forests and 
 fashioned into starsteel armour, one of the most impenetrable metaltypes known
 to the Realm.  The armour may have spread further out, and it is kindly 
 requested by the Observatory that you turn in any found pieces to your local
 recyclery for scientific examination.
 Fire Twins
 Irikani has surfaced once again, though not herself.  Her self-proclaimed 
 handmaidens made an attack on the Crimson Fortress, though they retreated.
 A lynchmob was set out for their destruction, which trailed them all the way
 to the volcano.  Sources say the women were "without modesty," wearing only
 "blazing skirts" and "jewels in their hair."  It is advised that if spotted to
 steer clean of the women and to notify local authorities of their whereabouts. 
 They are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.
 Sportscast with Troy Aiken
 I heard a lot of buzz about some newly discovered spells, so I decided to stop
 by the Magic Shoppe in Silvermere to see if I could get the whole scoop.  Much 
 to my delight an old caster veteran, a Mr. Aiken, was there and gladly agreed 
 to give me the low down.  "Mages have always been a long-time favorite among 
 the fans, and didn't let down this season with a new defensive line to guard 
 against the blitz.  Druids are proving themselves to be a well-balanced team 
 this year.  A few pre-season trades have given them an incredible boost to 
 defense, which helped immensely during the late summer heat.  I think the real 
 surprise here was priests.  A usual underdog, they came from out of nowhere 
 with a strong showing after picking up a few old tricks from other teams."
 And that just about brings me back to where I started.  It was a long tour and
 I was glad to see it over.  I made new friends, ate great food, and enriched
 myself with more storyline than I knew what to do with.  Ciao!
 Interested in writing a Take A Tour article about Silvermere?  Have themes or 
 areas in mind you would like to see visited in future issues?  E-mail Daymia 
 t [email protected] with your comments!

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Nity's Notions =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 More Answers Than an 8-Ball!
 by Nity
 Dear Nity, 
     I'm really concerned about the apathy of Mud players.  I mean what is with 
 the double standard of wanting everything quickly, yet not wanting to 
 contribute in any way?
 Curious Mudder

 Dear Curious Mudder, 
     I can completely sympathize. I don't think people realize how much work has
 gone and continues to go into MajorMUD. This game was originally built on the 
 idea of level 30 or so being the highest a player can obtain. It was never 
 expected to grow and thrive as much as it has. Once scripts were introduced to 
 the game and people began to hit max levels, they had to expand to keep the 
 interest going. Expanding the game started causing problems such as regen and 
 combat issues. When Metro took over MajorMUD, they have had and continue, to
 completely overhual the game itself in order to keep it growing. 
     I think it would be very nice to see people offering suggestions for new 
 races, classes, fixes to current problems they see wrong instead of all the 
 complaining they do. Their efforts on posting 20 page threads complaining would
 be much better spent in the ideas forums contributing to ideas to solve their 
 complaints. Instead, it seems people have a "gimme gimme" attitude and would 
 rather complain and whine about not enough updates and fixes rather than do 
 something about it. As sad as that is to say, I do hope peoples attitudes will 
 start to change and we can start to see some new ideas and thoughts in the 
 ideas forum.

 Dear Nity, 
     I've been addicted to mud for as long as I can remember. I really think I 
 need to seek some help somewhere.  Is there a MUD patch or MUD chewing gum to 
 help supress the addiction?
 Mud Addict

 Dear Mud Addict, 
     I'm glad you asked! Yes, there is help. There has recently been a new gum
 released to help stop the MajorMUD addiction. While there is little information
 known about this gum, I did manage to find an information site for you. For 
 more information on the latest product hitting the market, you can visit


 Dear Nity, 
     I'm really starting to get concerned about my obsession with the man with 
 the Boom Stick. Is it normal to have secret desires about IZaK? Any advice from
 you would be most helpful! 

 Yours Truly, 

 Dear Menace, 
     While I wouldn't consider this behavior "normal", I don't see anything 
 wrong with it. Fantasizing is something everyone does at one time or another 
 and it's nothing to be concerned about. However, I would be concerned with a 
 certain redhead in his life. Have fun and enjoy your fantasies.

 Have questions related to MajorMUD and life that you would like advice on?  
 E-mail Nity at [email protected] and look for your questions in next month's 

 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- MajorMUD Resources -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 5 Stars for Mudinfo
 by Blood Fetish
 My journeys have carried me to the four corners of this apartment, and as 
 diverse as the landscape may be, one thing remains constant: MudView is a good
 website for MajorMUD information.  But to simply call it a "good" website is 
 like saying Hitler was a "bad" guy.  Mere words fail to truly describe the 
 greatness that is MudView.

 By now I am sure you are asking, what can this site do?  Well, I propose a 
 counter-question: what CAN'T it do?  It has a comprehensive listing of stats 
 for every item, spell, monster, race, and class in the game.  It provides clear
 and easy to understand explanations for attributes, as well as internal 
 cross-hyperlinks to related information.  For instance, look up Vasili in the
 monsters section and you'll get links to her spells, dropped items, stats, and
 even her description.  Don't have Version 1.11n?  No problem, MudView has 
 quickchange database options at the bottom of every page.  It also lists every
 quest in the game, from the minor storyline enhancements to the major alignment
 quests.  In fact, it often provides multiple walkthroughs, so that in case one
 description isn't clear you have other options.  Sweet, sassy molassey, this 
 site doesn't stop there.  It also has a download section showcasing some of the
 handiest tools and utilities ever written for MajorMUD.  And all of this is 
 wrapped up in a tight, easy to navigate page which allows for new and old users
 alike to quickly find anything they need.  You can even sign up for a free 
 account if you want to personalize your viewing experience.  

 It has been said that MudView is the nectar of the gods, ambrosia if you will. 
 And I'm not talking about the type of ambrosia you buy out of the back of a van
 under a freeway overpass, either.  This is pure, grade-A Columbian sweetness. 
 Get a cup.
 Have a site that you would like to contribute to the MajorMUD Resources column 
 for next month's issue?  E-mail Blood Fetish at [email protected] with 
 your link.  Thanks!
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Quiz =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 What MajorMUD Race Are You?
 by Daymia & Blood Fetish
 You know what races your characters are, but have you ever wondered what race 
 YOU are?  Take this personality quiz to find out what MajorMUD race your 
 behavior most closely resembles!  Then, compare your results with others in the 
 off-topic section of Mudcentral's forums!
 Have a great idea for a future MajorMUD Newsletter quiz?  Have a link to a mud 
 related quiz that you have written?  Contact Daymia at [email protected].
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Realm of Legends -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 Fire Twins of Irikani
 by Daymia
 This month's Legend features characters from Looniebin BBS taking on the twins 
 of fire, Vashti and Vasili.  The handmaidens barely stood a chance, as our 
 heroes sent them back to hell with a vengeance!  Read on and be witness to the 
 Call for Captures!  We're looking for a lowbie solo versus the biggest, baddest
 thing you can handle.  Rules for this call are as follows:
 -Capture must include (1) stats and (2) inventory or appearance.
 -Character must be (1) solo and (2) within levels 1-10.
 -All in game monsters and NPCs are acceptable, player kills are not.
 -Bug abuse will be ineligible (this includes skirts of flame).
 -Must be sent either in text or HTML format.
 -Must have not been previously posted in Mudcentral forums.
 Chosen capture will be determined by difficulty of level versus monster and 
 enjoyability.  Send captures to Daymia at [email protected] or via private 
 message to Daymia on Mudcentral forums.  All questions welcome.  Look for your 
 capture in next month's issue!
 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- In the Spotlight -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 Misfits BBS (
 by Daymia & Blood Fetish
  Congratulations to Misfits BBS, winner of the Gold Jeweled Ring description
 "This magnificent ring is a taut band made of gold and inset with jewels you've
 never seen before. It glows with a bright light and as you hold it you feel 
 power surging through your body. A ring of this magnificent power and beauty 
 could only come from the gods."

  As just deserts for winning our contest, we took a look at the BBS behind the
 ring.  The BBS is run by Nity and Erekose, regular posters in the Mudcentral 
 forums.  This is their second BBS, and the popularity of both suggest their 
 fairness and attentiveness.  Their second BBS, it is equally as popular as
 their first, the Looniebin, where many of the "Who's Who" mudders can often be
 spotted dallying.

  Misfits itself hosts a good number of players, in fact 26 at the time of our 
 logging in, which is doubly impressive considering they do not allow any dupes. 
 Activity is certainly not in short supply either, as text was rolling off the 
 screen with fast-fingered gossip, and even a boss run was in progress.  Item 
 availability is also surprisingly good for a BBS of that size, with several
 limiteds being auctioned off even during my brief visit.  The general 
 atmosphere was friendly and jovial; from the moment we logged on we were being 
 invited to participate in their on-going gold jeweled ring tournament.  The 
 board is fairly established, so several high level players can be found.  The
 Top Ten, lead by a warrior, did not have any substantial gaps or overly 
 dominant gangs.  So, at any level range there are people to party, do quests, 
 or script with, and you are not forced to join a certain gang just to have 
 access to items or help.

  This is a great place to be if you're looking for a BBS with people at the 
 keys and willing to have a great time enjoying the game.  Don't miss out on 
 Misfits BBS!
 Get In the Spotlight by participating in next month's contest!  Keep an eye for
 the announcement in the Mudcentral forums or contact Daymia at 
 [email protected] for more information.

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