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			-= MajorMUD News =-

Editors:                                                Published by:
Shannon Stewart & April Caldwell                      METROPOLIS Inc.
[email protected]                          
January 2004                                             Issue # XII

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

   -=Feature Story
       Forum Hotspot!

   -=Holiday Special
       "A Tale of Misguided Wizardry"

   -=Current Adventurers
       Meet Kotar Bloodthorn

   -=Bard's Tale
       "Anya and the Dragon"

   -=Realm of Legends
       The Rank Cavern

       Dragon Drop

   -=MajorMUD Resources
       The Realm on its Shoulders

   -=The Banana Peel
       According to Sam

   -=In the Spotlight
       Snuggler's Cove

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Feature Story =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- Forum Hotspot! by Jester

Does it seem like forum activity has slowed down?  If it does, you are in the wrong place!  The mudideas forum has been very active recently.  There are many hot topics being debated right now, and your input is valued!  There are discussions about new races, new classes, new items, and even some changes to existing items.  From the heated scarlet doublet debate to naming a new bard-3 class, the Mudideas Forum has it all!  Sometimes the big eye (IZaK) can even be seen lurking about in there.

There has been a recent surge in activity in the mudideas forum and it bodes well for future development.  Many of the ideas posted in there are actually making it into the game now thanks to level headed posters who come up with great ideas.  Sometimes an idea needs some polishing and thats where you come in.  Your input can help make an existing idea a great idea, so even if you don't think you are creative, perhaps you can help polish other's suggestions.

"But, isn't that forum boring?" Heck no!  There are some heated debates that go on as well as exciting new ideas.  We have had some great discussion going on regarding the new races and classes that will be added into the game in coming versions.

So make your voice heard, join the fun, come hang out with us in the ideas forum today!


Are you interested in reporting on recent events in MajorMUD for future issues?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] and get involved!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Holiday Special =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- A Tale of Misguided Wizardry by Proteus

Long ago, and far away,
In a land where no evil held sway,
A wizard lived, and had a mission,
But no way to fulfill his ambition.

He wanted to keep peace in this distant land,
and keep it from falling into evil's hand.
To achieve this end, he had made a decision,
and this required the creation of minions.

Powerful they would be, and able to fight,
and that way evil would take flight,
and keep from his land, where people lived in peace,
rather than on the end of a leash.

And so they were made, with a release of great power,
from the wizard who lived alone in his tower.
For days on end, he recited, and chanted,
he flourished his hands, and old words he incanted.

At the end of ten days, he appeared in the town,
and urged all the townsfolk there to gather 'round.
He pointed to something he had covered in cloth,
and announced aloud "Come see what I've wrought!"

And he whipped off the cloth, and waited for cheers,
but to his stunned surprise he received only jeers.
His creation was revealed, but it seemed a joke,
and then from the crowd, a single loud voice spoke.

"Why, it's just a small bear, and not even that,
its lower half's a bird, and it's fairly fat!
It looks fairly useless, and not very fast,
why, it might not even appear until danger has passed."

The crowd joined the voice in jeering the mage,
and he was the focus of all of their rage.
While, at his feet, the creature did stir,
and his powerful muscles did ripple his fur.

It was aware that this crowd was threatening its master,
and despite what they all thought, it was very much faster.
And so it attacked, with all of its might,
the nearest person it had in its line of sight.

Sadly, the creature was not very wise,
and did not comprehend what was before its' very eyes.
For the one it attacked, with fury and rage
was none other than its master, the mage.

The wizard went down like a heavy sack of grain,
while the creature's powerful jaws sank into his brain.
For, to the townsfolk's despair, he did not explain,
he designed this creature without being so vain.

Its flippered arms and tiny webbed feet,
on the icy lands around made it very fleet.
Its warm coat of fur and powerful teeth
would offer protection beyond all belief.

With the word of command, evil would gain naught,
but the wizard had died ere the word could be taught.
And after the mage, its' rage not subsided,
it went on to the next target its' eyes had provided.

And so on, it went, killing folk left and right,
as the butcher's bill grew on into the night,
until finally the killing had ended,
with the wizard's honor well defended.

At dawn the creature itself looked around,
and you might even say its' face wore a frown.
As far as it could see, there was no one alive.
For miles around not a soul had survived.

If you had been there, you might even say
that the creature looked happy for the rest of that day.
For while it was made to defend this land, far and near,
with none left alive, it was much easier.

And so, if you should find yourself in this land,
be very cautious, and keep your sword close at hand.
For if you should fight it, you might not win,
and then become the next meal of the bearguin.

Happy Penguin Awareness Day! (January 20th)


Would you like to write a love story involving characters or monsters from MajorMUD for next month's issue of MMN?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] and share your tale!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Current Adventurers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Meet Kotar Bloodthorn by Titania Hrothgar

The Man, The Myth

I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Kotar the other night...  Not in person, unfortunately, but I'll take what I can get. When I think of dragons, I think of Kotar, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  (Actually, when I think of anything, I think of Kotar... But that's beside the point.)  With this newsletter having a dragon theme, I thought our readers might want a glimpse into the man behind the name, to maybe get a peek at how the dragon expansion came about, and so I asked him some questions.

Titania: How long have you been playing MajorMud?

Kotar:   Since beta, you newbs!!  No, I really have no idea.  It was
         around the time that the rocs got put into the game..  I
         think I was level 11 at the time.

Titania: How old were you?

Kotar:   I think I was 13 or 14.

Titania: Awww :)  So probably 9 years..  That's even longer than I've
         been playing.

Kotar:   I don't think I was very "awww" worthy back then.  For
         whatever reason, most of the people in that mud wanted me
         voted out of there.  There were some odd rules to pvp back
         then..  You had to have "pvp" in your name or in your guild
         name in order to participate, and I think I may have broken
         that rule and miffed a few people off.  But I was very
         bright-eyed and innocent about the entire thing.  ;)

Titania: Grin.  How did you get introduced to mud?

Kotar:   I overheard a friend at school talking about it, so I
         decided to try it.  He had a level 14ish druid..  He thought
         he was a tough man.

Titania: Were you immediately hooked?

Kotar:   Not immediately..  My first character was a little lacking.

Titania: What was it?

Kotar:   An elf mage..  I think I had 9 hps.

Titania: Laugh

Kotar:   Yeah, the rats laughed too.  I got pretty fed up with that,
         so I decided to make a ranger.  When I picked a race, I
         figured kang would be neat.  Their description made them
         sound like natural hunters, but, during the time, I was very
         very wrong.

Titania: Yeah, combat has changed a lot since way back then.  What
         was or is your favorite character that you've had?

Kotar:   Probably my kang ranger.  There's something alluring about
         being the underdog.

Titania: Do you have a favorite mod?

Kotar:   I'd say that mod 3 is my favorite mod.  That's kind of the
         mod when I came into real power on my board.  People used to
         form hunting parties for me and my friend (Khirsah) into the
         dark-elf castle.  It was a pretty fun sport.

Titania: I'd have to say that 3 is one of my least favorites.  Why do
         you like it?  The seclusion?

Kotar:   Once you master the castle you get the feeling that it's
         your property.  There's quite a few bosses down there, and
         the possibilities of roomstacking are endless.  We even
         figured out a way to keep people from getting into the city
         by making the statue unspawnable.  I learned a lot about the
         game during that period in time..  That's probably why it's
         my fondest mod.

Titania: I figured pvp probably was a big part of the reason. :) Is
         pvp your favorite part of the game?

Kotar:   It used to be.  I'd come home from school and have
         4-hour-long arena sessions with another ninja when I was in
         my mid teens.  I was a hardcore pvper into my 50s, but it
         eventually killed the mud off.  I stopped being as fun then.

Titania: Inconceivable!

Kotar:   I don't think that means what you think it does..  With the
         decline of pvp skill in the coming years, along with higher
         level caps, the general thrill of pvp diminished.

Titania: What keeps you playing now?

Kotar:   I don't really know..  I don't play nearly as much as I used
         to.  My girlfriend plays with me now, so that helps quite a
         bit. ;) I love the mudding community, for the most part.

Titania: What made you think of expanding the dragon area?

Kotar:   I was always a big fan of the place..  I remember the night
         I found it on my own.  Back before the stealth nerf you
         could sneak around anywhere undetected, so I used to spend a
         lot of time exploring the realm.  So, one night at around
         3am, I stumbled upon the fungus forest and found Dhelvanen.
         He made me search out the dragons, and an hour later I found
         them.  That area was a sacred, intimidating place that I
         never wanted to mess with again.  Then one day, years down
         the road, I was in the dragons again and realized how
         pathetic of an area it was, so I decided to contact IZaK to
         see if we could spice it up a little.  I was always a big
         fan of storylines in MajorMud.

Titania: Me too.  Well, the red dragon area is definitely more
         impressive now that you've had your hand in it.  Did you
         help with the other colors too?

Kotar:   No, that wasn't my idea at all, though I did help in the
         testing of those areas.

Titania: Are you pleased with how the dragon expansion turned out?

Kotar:   Yeah..  There was an uproar with the dragon armour, but I
         think everyone's over it now.  For the most part. 

Titania: Do you have ideas for expanding any other areas?

Kotar:   Yeah, actually..  I've got a mod-sized storyline area
         planned out in my head.  I just haven't transferred it onto
         digital paper yet.  IZaK is very open to ideas as long as
         you do your part.

Titania: What's your favorite idea that you've seen for a new race or

Kotar:   There haven't been a whole lot that I've liked..  Most of
         them are too outrageous for me.  I think that troll or
         skaven (ratmen) would be kind of nice.  I'd like for there
         to be a summoner-type class, but it'd be a difficult task
         with the way the game is coded at the moment.  "Pet classes"
         are typically the most popular classes in MMORPGs.

Titania: "Pet classes"?

Kotar:   Some form of class that depends on a conjured "pet" to do
         his or her adventuring.

Titania: Can you think of what your proudest moment would be in this
         game, during the last 9 years you've been playing?

Kotar:   Wow, I don't know.  Getting your own NPC into a game that
         you've played for a good chunk of your life is pretty big.
         I'm pretty lucky that I picked a fantasy name for my main
         character. ;)

Titania: Any last-minute sagely advice you'd like to share with all
         the mudders out there?

Kotar:   Players are the best openable chests in the game.

And with that, he was gone, leaving me to wonder what else I could learn from him.  Well, actually, we talked for quite a few more hours, but I'm not going to show any of that here.  ;)  I hope you enjoyed this little look behind the scenes, and I hope I've shed a little light upon the mystery.  Thank you, and good night.


Know a Dark-Elf player that you'd like to see interviewed for next month's issue?  Have someone in mind you'd like to read about in the future?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] with your nomination!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bard's Tale =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Anya and the Dragon by Daymia

Deep in the woods, a green beast lies
With wings on its back and fire in its eyes!
Its belly full, it sleeps through the day
Awaiting the nights for traveling prey.

Within city walls the townspeople toil,
The deaths of their kinsmen makes their blood boil.
Hoping and praying the feasting will end
They seek for a virgin offering to send.

Some shout "Meia," others the "barmaid!"
And blushing they fawn away interest displayed.
For who will go willing, just to be slain
On the tip of a dragon's poisonous fang?

To the Square go the people, all in a roar
"You can't take my daughter, but you can take her!"
The Mayor makes entrance, his calm voice decrees:
"Give all maiden's names, except children please."

Roar becomes silence, except weeping mothers
Fearing their child in place of some other.
No time to move out, no time to escape,
No time to make choices now too far late.

Into a keg the names are thus tumbled,
And onto the Mayor bled curses are mumbled.
But the keg has now stopped, a name has been drawn
A great sweeping sigh awaits sunless dawn.

"This maiden is chosen with highest esteem,
May you walk head high into that end dream.
And so may I call you, may all bear your tear,
The Lady we'll send is Anya of Delneer."

Only one family left the Square sad.
All others joyed in the luck that they had.
Yet Ma's despaired cry, Pa's pleading impart,
Weighs nothing against one Templar's heart.

Having the night to one last time spend
Heavy hearts eat, while Anya pretends
She needs breath of air and lone moment stray-
And bidding her leave she wanders away.

The Templar is waiting in the corner shadow,
His hand pressed sadly against furrowed brow
Seeing his Lady he draws her in nigh
They stayed locked in arms without meeting eye.

"I must go before day's noon breaks.
Dragon I'll slay unless it my life takes.
Anya, my love, wife mine shall ye be,
So hence to its death I must thus see."

Anya makes to protest, but a kiss silenced all.
She stares in his eyes pleading to recall.
But the Paladin's mind was set into stone,
One last touch was taken, then parted alone.

Winding through Darkwood, he slays all in sight
Orcs bear no threat, bugbears no fight.
He walks and he travels, his step firm but fast
One eye on the sun says this could be her last.

Anya in home makes quiet goodbyes
"Brother, hold Momma and don't let her cry."
With white linen gown, her long hair let down,
The Silver Street march leads on out of town.

The deeper he ventures, the sooner he sees
The great dragon's offspring rest in the trees.
His anger and purpose sweeps through like a breeze,
One by one bringing the herd to his knees.

Tears streaming soundless, Anya walks on
The townspeople peering through windows anon.
The guards move to escort, in case she try flee
And make for the hills on the whim of the free.

Bodies lie heaping hazardly aside
The trees have grown narrow, where once they were wide
No rustling bushes, no echoed bird calls-
At the lair arrived Templar once and for all.

Hands bound, head down, the Tower draws near,
Anya can't help trembling, shaking with fear.
Soon past is a path that leads to the cave;
Soon past is a path that leads to her grave.

Remembering Anya's face smiling fair,
The Paladin walks into where no man dare
The great dragon raises, his wings spanning wide
Its children lie bleeding, wailing at its side.

With fangs dripping mad, it raises its hand
Knocking the Paladin right off the land
Clutched in its grasp, the Templar thinks fast
The smell of the dragon might be his breath's last.

His helm casts away, falling to the floor
His other hand reaches to take hold of sword
Dragon's fist slams him to its gaping jaw
Paladin disappears into its maw.

Anya arrives, her eyes rise to fate
She stands there beholding the site in the cave
For there stands her Champion, noble and proud
And there lies slain dragon, sword through its mouth.


Interested in writing a short story or poem about anything Dark-Elf in MajorMUD for next month's issue of MMN?  Contact Daymia at [email protected] and be seen in next month's MMN Issue!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Realm of Legends -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Rank Cavern by Daymia & Blood Fetish

This month's Legend features a Half-Orc Lord from Snuggler's Cove on a quest to rid the swamp of a dark nightmare!


Call for Captures!  Next month's issue, The Dark Queendom, is looking to show off YOUR Dark-Elf & related capture!

 -All parties/solos/levels/classes/etc. welcome!
 -Bug abuse is not cool.
 -Bosses include: obsidian statue, captain of the guard, dark-elf
  high priestess, dark-elf archmage, dark-elf queen, dark-elf
 -Please send in either text or HTML format.
 -Please do not send anything already posted in Mudcentral Forums.

Chosen capture will be determined by coolness.  Send captures to Daymia at [email protected] or via private message to Daymia on Mudcentral Forums.  All questions welcome!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MajorFUN -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dragon Drops by Daymia

A fill-in crossword where instead of having numbered clues, you have the answers themselves, but no numbers to place them!  The theme of this puzzle is MajorMUD Dragons.  All you have to do is move your cursor around to drag and drop the pieces onto the puzzle.

All the pieces fit, but how?  Can you solve it?


Are you interested in creating word games, trivia questions, or personality quizzes?  Please e-mail Daymia at [email protected] and be apart of next month's MMN issue!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- MajorMUD Resources =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Realm on its Shoulders by Blood Fetish

Ever find yourself wondering if you should have taken that last west instead of east?  Or trying to remember just what that command is that gets you into the next room?  Or, heaven forbid, MegaMud got confused and lost?!  If you answered yes to any of those questions (and who
can't?) then this month's featured site is the answer to your prayers.

Mud Atlas is the premiere map site for MajorMud.  The site has a catalogue of all the major places of interest, and is constantly updated with the newest revisions.  This insures that no matter where you are going, you can rest easy knowing Mud Atlas will provide you with both accurate and easy to read maps.  Unlike other map sites, however, Mud Atlas goes one step beyond (great song) and even offers dynamic mapping!  This is a really fantastic feature, that allows the someone to enter their location, and a map will be generated on the fly showing the entire area around the user.

And they don't even stop there!  Despite its name, Mud Atlas offers a wide variety of information.  There are sections for items, spells, monsters, quests, and more.  It even goes as far as to cross reference where certain items may be found, and your chance of getting them. And best of all, everything is presented in a very clear and easy to read format.  The newest addition to the site is an online capture analyzer.  This cool utility allows you to automatically color any cap you have, and even provides combat stats on all the players (and
monsters) involved.

If you are looking for stats or quest information, Mud Atlas is fantastic, and is right up there among the best.  For maps, though, Mud Atlas reigns supreme as lord and master of the MajorMud world.


Have a site that you would like to see reviewed in next month's issue?  Interested in writing your own MajorMUD Resource website review?  E-mail Blood Fetish at [email protected] for more information!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Banana Peel -=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- According to Sam by Sam the Banana

Hey kids, it's Sam.  Here are some of my thoughts on aspects of our beloved majormud.  I didn't do items this time, but instead pondered races, and monsters.  Feel free to suggest anything you'd like me to cover in the future.  Happy reading!

Oh, it's a race I've never played.  Actually, I may have had a neko cleric a while back.  Anyway, criminey, what a powerful race.  I mean 100 str and 130 agil.  Those two stats alone are worth 50%, since 130 agil just crushes all of the other 100 str races.  That means that nekos will outperform pretty much any other race with oh not only the nexus spear and the nightblack scythe, (being the #2 and #1 weapons in the game, mind you) but also the ssgs, the maw, the gavel, the hammer, draka's, the axe, and, that's right the huge darkwood club. Don't people understand how awesome using the huge darkwood club is? Anyway, the thing is, there are a bunch of other races that can use the heavy caliber weapons, but nobody can touch that agility, which puts nekos much higher on the q/d ladder, which does matter when using weapons at 3700 speed, heh. With such high accuracy already, you'd expect neko's other stats to suck.  Sort of like a half-orc, or something, with crappy int and charm, so their crits and dodge are poor.  But no!  Nekos still keep 100 int, which will give them plenty of crits, and they are tied for the second highest charm in the game.  I mean come on, only one race outdodges neko!  Nekos crit almost as well as elf/delf, and, they can use the best weapons, which 90 str cannot.  That's big. In addition to outstanding combat stats and awesome dodge, nekos get a lot of 'icing' as well.  Sure, you can still get over 100 MR with a neko, but they also have nightvision, stealth, and 10 rfir.  Rfir is useful, especially since that 10 will push you over the magic 100 resistance number in many circumstances.  Oh, they get tracking too. Sure, they're 50%, which is the highest chart, but I think they are well worth it.  Certainly a better deal than paying 50% for a gaunt, that's for sure.

Stone Giants
Probably my most-killed monster, I have to mention these little guys because they inhabit probably the greatest overall scripting area in the game.  I mean, where else can you make good exp at level 40, 50, 60, and 70?  Places where these guys live, either the camp, or, the top area of the mountain.  They're a great monster to fight for many reasons, foremost of which is that 7500 exp is a lot for one monster, even split 2 or 3 ways, depending on your level.  500 hps falls pretty fast even with a party of 3 level 40s, and certainly 500+ average rounds are attainable for higher level chars.  Even you spellcasters do well against them (ok well, not earthfist), since they have the same MR as a saracen raider.  And with only 55/12 to stop swords, combat 3 has an easy time against them even at low levels, and, yes, combat 2 can hit them fine as well.  Heck, you can bs them well too.  On top of all this, they're nonhostile if you're evil.  Nonhostile, while certainly useful for scripting survival, is even more convenient for those times when you get hung in a room of 6, or die and need to recover gear.  It's just the utmost in scripting ease. Really the only drawbacks to these guys is that they can rock you HARD.  But, not really, especially not when compared to shamans, or even hill giants.  Sure, boulder hurts a lot, and you can't really do anything about it, but at least it's only once a round.  And yea, their all-outs hurt, but, not really much more than hill giants.  But you DO need some hps to script up with them, that's for sure :  And I know that /12 is very annoying since I still glance at level 54, but, it's worth it for their exp if you ask me.  I mean geez three chars can pull 1 mil+ there pretty easily.  That's nice exp to get going through those higher levels, especially in a party of 3.

Black Leather Tunic
Ha ha, I just had to return to items to rip on this stupid POS.  I mean come on this used to be *THE* leather tunic, for which countless bs wars around the torchlit caverns were fought.  Now, look at it.  I feel bad even talking about it.  It's only got 1/.1 over a gianthair vest!  That's an item you can *buy* 5 levels earlier!  I'd think being a lim-1 would distance itself from the other low-level tunics a little more.  I guess 10 stealth is a lot, and the +bs damage is nice, but you have to wait till level 15, heh.  How much is that 10 stealth really going to help you?  The levels of 15-20 are some of the shortest in the game (4 quests worth 750k, only one of which is difficult if you have a good party), and then there is the 2nd alignment at 20th.  Once you've hit 20, then superstealth isn't too far away.  You can just buy a damn wyvernhide anyway at 20th and have the same AC/weight. I'm not even going to mention how much the mithril-runed tunic owns it, considering they are the same level, and both lim-1.  Fittingly, the mrt is a jillion and a half times more difficult to get than the blt. Blargh, I'm done with it.  I just don't think the blt is living up to its lim-1ness, but I guess it is pretty easy to get.  It's a great tunic for levels under 15, that's for sure, esp. under 10th.  But yea.  Make it +50 damage and it will be cool.


Need insight on a certain genre of MajorMUD items?  Send Sam the Banana a PM (or see his forum profile for IM information) on Mudcentral Forums with your request!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In the Spotlight -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Snuggler's Cove (telnet:// by Daymia & Blood Fetish

Home to this month's Realm of Legends capture, the January spotlight shines upon Snuggler's Cove.  Befitting its namesake, the single best word to describe this board would definitely be, "snug".

A two-year old game, Snuggler's Cove is a well-established community of friendly players and ops.  The top list is rich in both class and level diversity, providing for well rounded groups during boss and quest runs.  Though there aren't any rules about hoarding, there isn't a need for one either, as many players don't think twice about giving away unused limiteds.  Items that don't find homes, or sadly wind up on forgotten characters, are actively recycled into the game to provide more fun for treasure seekers.

With around 20 active people, conversation can be had at nearly all hours of the day, along with frequent quest and boss runs.  The board does not have PvP enabled and forbids the raiding of death piles, making playing (and scripting) something that even casual players can do without fear of griefers.  A comfortable death margin, selected sys commands, and the ability to create more than one character allows for exploration and role-playing without the pain of a 4AM death pile run when you have to work in the morning.

While this style of mudding isn't for everyone, if you don't feel anxiety is part of the fun then this may be the home for you. Players looking to settle down on a friendly board with a low-stress atmosphere, access to lots of items and plenty of help should definitely join in the warmth of Snuggler's Cove!


Would you like to see your BBS In the Spotlight for next month's issue?  It's easy!  Contact Daymia at [email protected] for more information.


Interested in Advertising in the MajorMUD Newsletter or on Metropolis web sites?

E-mail [email protected] for an automatic response with more info.

MajorMUD News is published once a month by Metropolis Systems.

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