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-= MajorMUD News =-
Editors:                                                Published by:
Shannon Stewart & April Caldwell                      METROPOLIS Inc.
[email protected]                          
February 2004                                            Issue # XIII
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
   -=Feature Story 
       The Muddies
   -=Holiday Special  
       Valentine Shoutouts!
   -=Current Adventurers
       Meet Sam the Banana
   -=Bard's Tale
       Dark-Elf Queen 
   -=The Banana Peel
       Dark-Elf Delights!
       Where's Waldrow?
   -=Realm of Legends 
       The Ritual Chamber
   -=MajorMUD Resources
   -=In the Spotlight
       Crestview BBS
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Letters to the Editor =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-
Since this is the first time anyone's sent in a letter, I thought I'd
say why I added this article for it.  I think it's pretty cool, and 
gives some viewer insight into topics we explore with previous 
issues.  So, I asked the author for his permission, which was 
granted, and here it is.
"I just thought you might want to know.  I started playing a few 
months before Kotar and actually played with him and Shannon back in 
the day on Metro.  I just wanted you to know that he was being modest
when talking about PVP.  I was never any good at PVP but he was 
always REALLY good.  He kicked my butt up and down, rerolling me 
several times.  As a matter of fact, he clearly remembers my smart 
mouth back then if you ask him about it, hehe.  Anyway, I was Beetle 
back then and thought you might find that interesting.
I do find that interesting.  Now we all know you're just being 
modest, Kotar!  Kotar was the sole moderator of the PVP Forum in 
Mudcentral Forums before some of them got lumped together.  It wasn't
really huge with topics and posts, but it had respect.  Personally I 
never knew Kotar was such a reputed PVP god, but after last month's 
issue I looked around to see all the nodding heads of 
acknowledgement.  Ah well, thanks for sharing this tidbit with us.
If you have comments or... comments, about this month's issue, send
me an e-mail at [email protected].  Love to hear from you :)
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Feature Story =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-
The Muddies
by Valdimar
The anticipation has finally come to an end. As most of you know, the
First Annual 'Muddies' were unofficially commenced in the Off Topic 
forum on MUDCentral. Paladine_PsoT originally inspired the idea since 
the Golden Globes and Grammies were amidst in real life. Many great 
categories were presented and the users seemed to really enjoy making 
their nominations. A lot of the categories were humorous and believe 
it or not: Off Topic.
It was after awhile and restarting a locked thread that I decided to 
make polls and make this a 'real deal'. With the support of a few 
others, I finally made the polls and locked in all the nominees.  Of 
course, the results remained hidden. Even worse, I simply recorded 
the winners at the end of the poll and deleted them. That may have 
upset a few, but no longer be upset! The results are HERE as 
It was broken down into 4 categories. There were many that were 
submitted, but I decided to narrow it down to the 'nice' categories. 
Sorry to all that wanted 'Biggest Post Whore'. For one, it would have 
been a blow out. I shall mention no names ;)
First Category: Best Avatar
Winner: IZaK
This one was almost a given for his avatar had the lead every time I 
checked on the votes. His avatar has never changed and has led many 
to simply reply to him with "*pokes the eye*". It has been given 
another great reference by the ever-witty, Gringo. Ask him what he 
calls it since it would not be appropriate to disclose it in this 
newsletter. When IZaK was asked for comment, he simply stated: "j00 
lurr m3, j00 r34lly lurr m3!" 
Second Category: Best Signature
Winner: Daymia
All the nominees in this category sustained a close race; however, it
was Daymia's creative originality that helped her prevail. "Ah, the 
power of sex appeal", Daymia says in reaction to winning. Her 
eye-catching artwork is always in sync with the appropriate season. 
My personal favorite is her Fourth of July signature. You can view 
her entire collection here: Keep up 
the great work Daymia and keep the competition coming! The advent of 
'The Muddies' has brought out the creativity in many in hopes for a 
nomination next year! 
Third Category: Most Memorable Thread
Winner: Dusty Tricorne
Even the obscene hilarity of the 'Gratuitous Drunken PSoT Post' did 
not beat this thread, although very close. The thread starts of with 
Jinx calmly requesting royalties for the item being added to the 
game. It was later described to me as "that thread starts of with 
Jinx on acid, and Daymia arguing with him". The item was first 
believed to be a 'dunce cap' and quickly proven wrong with many links 
being posted to show what a real tricorne looked like. Then Kotar's 
creativity gave the item a literal meaning by sporting a tri-horned 
unicorn with dust spouting off of it. It is really hard to say what 
made that thread so memorable. Samuel D. Banana simply posted "This 
is the best thread ever." As Daymia stated, "It was because everyone 
was intensely arguing, but in a Dr. Seuss kind of way, like.. Battle 
of the wits".  I personally felt it was a had-to-be-there type of 
thread, but regardless, the majority has spoken.
Fourth Category: Biggest Uproar in the MajorMUD Community
Winner: Frost's and Jotty's Rings
For those who don't know about these rings: Frost and Jotty of 
McKinley Harbor were awarded these rings specific to the race and 
class of their characters as a result of their endless work in 
version 1.11j testing. Metro was so pleased with their dedication 
that they designed these items specifically for them. It was suppose 
to be on the down-low, but somehow the 'secret' got surfaced. This 
indeed caused uproar to a lot of the envious players in the 
community. As Shannon simply stated "The rings definitely caused the 
largest uproar because people STILL bring it up in arguments well 
after the problem was resolved". For now, this is hopefully brought 
up for the last time as the winner of the 2004 'Muddies' Biggest 
In closing, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the 
voting. I look forward to facilitating the Second Annual 'Muddies' in
Oh wait!! You all would really kill me if I didn't reveal the Top 
Three Players. They are as follows: Locke Cole, Blood Fetish, and 
LC - Famous for his creation of MMVIEW and other useful utilities he 
has created for Sysops. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes 
to the technical coding aspects of the game. Never disagree with him!
BF - It is agreed by many that he has the firmest grasp of game 
balance. He is also the key developer of the Swing Calculator. In 
response to winning in this category, he states,  "This makes the 
last six wasted years of my life all worth it." :|
Frost - What can I say about him? He is the Number one player on 
Turbo. 41 BILLION experience to date, and still rolling it in. He 
also boasts the highest rate, and he doesn't even use Megamud! Frost 
is so good, people think he's edited. He rules. He should totally be 
the worldwide MajorMUD authority. 
Oh wait, that is what Virucizer claims. Well, he needs to step aside.
What topics would you like to read about in future issues of MMN?  
Drop Valdimar an e-mail at [email protected] and tell him what
you're thinking!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Holiday Special =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Valentine's Shoutouts!
by Daymia
Did you think Meia was the only one getting any love this Valentine's
Day?  Well surprisingly she didn't get any, but here are all the 
people that did.
I'm absolutely delighted to give a *HUZZAH-UNF* to Nity and Shannon. 
Their complimenting, impartial willpower has kept me sane over the 
past couple months due to a tidal waves of events in my recent life! 
:-* :-* One for each of yas! 
Oh, *BOOYAH* to Daymia also. Her time and dedication to the Forum and
Mud community is priceless! She deserves a statue in Town Square. (I 
swear I'm not brown-nosing!) *holds up serious sign* 
:-* One for you too, girl! 
-Valdimar aka Ricki
To: Psuedo-Wifey Nity
Happy V-day, as much as I HATE this holiday.  You told me you'd kill 
me if I didn�t send one out.  Anyway, since your about the only 
person whos going to get one from me this year, Happy Valentines Day!
From: Hubby #2 Lestat
My baby
If I could, I would give you the world.
I'd utter an enormous bird-shattering cry
so the world would know how much I love you.
But I can't, so I'll just keep on loving you with all my heart.
And I'll never make you eat fake mashed potatoes.
Your baby
IZaK, oh my dearest IZaK, how I miss the massive boomsti... your 
love.  Please, I can't handle it, be my Valintizzle, fo shizzle?  
My lovizzle nizzle?
Much lurr,
Archie (Erekose),
Hubby #1. I love you
Glenn (Lestat),
Hubby #2. Thanks for everything, you're the best and I don't know 
where I would be without you.
Todd (Ricki),
Hubby #3. Thanks for keeping me sane and making me laugh.
Thanks for waiting for me and not questing without me!
Waterfalls and seaweed halls, sauntering in castle walls,
We kissed beneath the pier.  I've loved you everywhere.
Hand in hand we walked the sand, by oceans and by congo bands,
If only you were near... but I'll love you anywhere.
Muffy, whenever you need me, you know where and how to find me.
I love Nity with all my heart
All our lives may we never part
Wife, mother, and my best bud
My favorite person to see in MMud
I wrote this silly rhyme just so I could Say
I love you Baby, Happy Valentine's Day!
To: Lady Sentara, 
Was it hot in your store last night, or was it just you?
Signed: Some druid.
To StaTik, Happy VD sweetcheeks!
-Your number #1 StaTikFanaTik!
To my dearest Daymia,
You have saved me more times than the Shadowy Healer, and are more 
luscious than Meia.  I hope that together we live to see more 
Valentine's Days than the ancient gypsy woman has seen bras.
Blood Fetish
To:  K. "Bloodthorn"
From:  STB!
To:  Totally not Daymia
I would almost think about going straight for you.
From:  Ba...uh..."Pineapple."
Still thinking of you, Shalafi.  Dream of you constantly.
From:  STB!
To:  T. Rawrthgar.
Please All Customers Everyday.  
From:  F. G. Meyer 
To:  Hark...
I rule you.
From:  SSBM
Happy Valentine's Day!  Share it with someone you love.
Interested in writing an Irish drinking song about anything MajorMUD 
for next month's St. Patrick's Special?  Please contact Daymia at
[email protected].
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Current Adventurers =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Meet Sam the Banana
by Daymia
Love is in the air, and we have the cupid himself.  Well, ok, not 
-cupid-, but if cupid was tall, dark and handsome, and in his 
twenties, then he'd be named Sam.  Sam, our local MajorMUD advice
columnist, not only tears it up with his vast knowledge of the game,
but he also tears it up with how many hearts he can shoot with one
arrow.  In fact, ask any man, woman, or jar of peanut butter what
mudder they'd wanna be sandwiched with, and survey says: Sam!  So, I
thought I'd scratch beneath the peel and see what he had to say. 
D:  Where does the handle "Sam the Banana" come from?
SB: Well, it's a long story sort of, but not really.
    Back in 8th or 9th grade, some of my friends started to talk 
    about this game called 'TA' which you played through the 'modem'
    It sounded pretty cool, so I thought I would join up on the BBS 
    they were on and play TA with them.
    Anyway, I was at a loss for a cool name.  See, they both have 
    cool names, like Farmer Bob, and Omar the Tent Maker.
    So I was thinking that we made a lot of jokes about Bananas, you 
    know, like "where are the bananas" and "you need more bananas 
    than that" and "monkey" and stuff.
    I mean that's funny right there.
    So in a moment of genius (something like it anyway) I said, "Hey!
    I'll be Sam the Banana."
    It went over well with my other silly-named peers.
    And incidentally, 'Sam' is very easy to type, which proves 
    immensly useful since the world of text-gaming is obsessed with 
    shortening every word down to 4 or less letters.
    And Bananas are high in potassium, mind you.  So I feel it was a 
    good choice.  Plus I'm wearing a yellow shirt right now.
D:  Yellow is sexy, color of wisdom you know.  Must be smart :)
SB: Well, they let me into law school.
D:  Oh speaking of which.  As a law school student your time must be 
    fairly consumed.  What things do you do to get your weekly fix of
SB: I still play it more than I should.  But the beauty of majormud 
    is that you can really customize it to your own schedule.
    School keeps me tied up from 9-9 during the week at least (except
    on Tuesdays for 24! Pwn!), so I can't do much playing then.
    Usually I pop in and make some noise, check my script, or go kill
    the darken beast lord.
    But that's about it, I don't think I play for more than an hour a
    day during the week anymore.  Truly a tragedy!
    On the weekends I make a little more time, and can usually get 
    out to kill a dragon or two or play hearts with the guys on 
    Crestview (but they suck). 
    I'm lucky in that my weekends are still not completely dominated
    by school right now, mostly because I do a lot of work during the
    I can't say how long that schedule will last, however, heh.  But 
    for right now, I'm a living testament that you can balance a 
    heavy schoolwork load (and still pass classes, of course) and 
    play mud too!
D:  So you mentioned DBL and dragons, but do you have any taste for
SB: Heh, I think any player who played by hand for a longtime does.
    It's been a long time since I've had any PVP, but I still am a 
    big fan.  Back in my day, I of course was never that 
    cwazy-awesome or anything, but I could hold my own against some 
    alright people.
    I had a good buddy (darkstar) that lived with me in college, and
    we'd go and tear stuff up whenever.
    Though that did get us into trouble on more than a few boards 
    (look at my sig).  I mean we *were* pretty annoying.
    I've never needed much of a reason to pvp anyone at anytime, so 
    on boards back when I did pvp, I was usually pretty evil and had 
    many enemies.
    Also, I got rerolled a few times due to my endless trash talking,
    which mostly consisted of calling people 'girls' and saying 
    things like 'omg n00b you got owned' when I would hang a script 
    or kill somebody 10 levels lower. 
    I played on Notorious for a long time, which was, to coin a good 
    friend, the 'Mois Eisly" of BBSes.  10x exp on that board, so 
    there wasn't much to do except kill each other.
D:  You, evil?  So what's the rottenest thing you've ever done to 
    another MajorMUD player?  
SB: Hmm, well I have rerolled a few people just because I could, but 
    actually the meanest thing I've done was probably on a nonpvp 
    board I was on for a while.
    I had a priest, and there was another priest who was higher, and 
    who had some items I wanted (ETC or something)
    Anyway I couldnt' convince him to give them to me, so I took his 
    bard (who was evil) in a party with me somewhere.
    We were friends in the realm until this.
    I dragged his bard into lionheart's room, he was afk, so the 
    sheriff killed him.
    He didn't know a *whole* lot about the game, so I quickly picked 
    up all his gear, and actually convined the guy that he had to 
    kill the sheriff to get his gear back.
    I think I told him that the sheriff dropped a key that opened the
    door to where his gear was, or something...I don't remember.
    Anyway, the only other char he could kill the Sheriff with was 
    his priest.
    So he goes evil attacking him, and the sheriff hangs him (888 
    accuracy back then...groan) in a round.
    I page him and tell him that Lionheart has moved and it's safe to
    enter, he does, and of course I lied.
    The Sheriff kills him, and I get my ETC.  I took the rest of his 
    tuff and told him that it poofed, or the sheriff took it, or 
    He believed it for a while.  Later he quit.
    That was good times.
D:  Gees, what a wolf :P So, on the other extreme, what's the 
    sweetest thing?
SB: Besides my v-day message to you? Hmmm....
    I hope that last story doesn't color me too much; I really am a 
    nice guy to have around, heh.
    The sweetest thing?  I *did* marry Jinx and Titania on Darkroad a
    long time ago, but, dang this is a hard question!
D:  Aww, so you're truly evil at heart.
SB: Apparently, geez.
D:  Alright then, girl talk.  Every girl has a pair of shoes for any 
    scene.  What shoes are you currently wearing on each of your 
    characters?  Are there any that you don for special occasions?
SB: You mean metaphoric shoes or actual footwear?
D:  Actual shoes!
SB: Heh...that's a great question.
SB: Well, my witchunter has his classic adamantite enforced boots on.  
    They're smelly, but, they're hardy enough for stomping around in 
    the jungle.
    He's a kang though, so I'm not really sure where he wears them.
    My cleric has some sexy-hot platinum plate boots on, which 
    actually belong to a warrior in the realm, but she's playing 
    hard-to-get with him atm.
    My ninja has a black dragon tabi on, except you can't see it 
    because of the enormous skirt draped over it.
    And Audrey, my bard, is wearing some black dragon boot hotness.  
    She's a little confused about her fashion sense still, because 
    she's young still.
    When I knock some sensibility into that pretty head of hers 
    she'll put on some green dragon boots which will match nicer.
    For dress occasions, sometimes I get 'old school' and put on 
    winged sandals, and I've been known to kick back and put some 
    silversilk slippers on my ninja when the going gets tough.
    Of course my bard would like some brown leather boots, but those 
    are never on sale.
D:  And one must never buy shoes at full price!
SB: Exactly!  She's pretty charming too.
D:  So, about that Ninja of yours.  You've been called the Patron 
    Saint of Ninjas. What have you contributed to have earned this 
SB: Well, I just try and keep an eye out for them.  They've been my 
    favorite class for a long time, and I have usually always had one
    I don't know for sure how much I've contributed to them never 
    getting downgraded ever, but I do find that it's wise to be an 
    adcovate for things you want to see done.
    I usually push for more ninja-only gear or at least 
    ninja-friendly gear, and most of my suggestions have a subverse 
    pro-ninja agenda behind them.
D:  Any examples?
SB: Well, I called for a while for the feather-tipped hat or the 
    executioner's hood to be made silk.  I only did that becuase I 
    wanted my ninja to use one ;)
    The black dragon tabi used to be only +1 damage, I take about 
    half the credit for getting the dodge back on that one.
    I've been working on bringing the nexus spear down to 90 
    strength, but so far, I haven't convined anybody.  That's a 
    blatant pro-ninja agenda also.
    And of course I'm still pushing my sword of death (which I think 
    HellSpawn created, incidentally) which is +50 crits and +40 
    accuracy.  I think it'll be in mod 10.
    Oh, and elf ninja only.
D:  Well now your favorite class (Ninja) is pretty obvious, but 
    what's your runner-up?  
SB: Runner-up is definitely cleric.  They're the most durable class 
    in the game, and usually when it comes to my characters, where 
    there's ninja, there's cleric.  I'm on my second ninja/cleric 
    combo and it's panning out just as successfully as my first one 
    They just get so much AC it's retarded, plus prev, plus grhe.  
    Grhe is a big deal.  Mrai is pretty nice too.  Many times when 
    I'm scripting my ninja will hang, and my cleric tanks down a room
    of 6 or so monsters fine.
    Takes him about 10 minutes sometimes though, heh...not a lot of 
    damage coming from clerics.
D:  What class would you not touch with a ten foot poll?
SB: Probably mage.  I've never played a mage, druid, ranger, paladin,
    or mystic really, and I think mage is about at the bottom of 
    those for me.  I'm just not into spell damage or mana I guess.
    They're just too...wimpy I think.  I've been in plenty of parties
    with mages and it always seems that I'm waiting on their mana, or
    they're getting beat down, or doing crap for damage against 
    bosses when I'm critting a bunch.
    Though I do like having them around, just not *playing* them.  
    Somebody has to deal with manscorpion shamans, rosebushes, and 
    vampire elders.
D:  Favorite NPC?
SB: All-time favorite would probably be the Aged Titan.
    He was legendary for such a long time for me.  People would 
    attack him for fun, and he would just mess you up bad.
    Like BAD.  Whole boards going to fight him, and not winning.  
    He was fearsome.
    Fittingly, I like Morukai a lot for the same reason.  He just 
    slaps you in the face soooo hard if you mess with him.
    Alexia is pretty fine though too.  Not a tramp like that Meia.
D:  Alright, five words or less.  Why are you still playing MajorMUD?
SB: Working on greatest ninja ever.
Can't get enough Sam?  Check out his column below, The Banana Peel, 
for all things D-Elf according to Sam!  And if you're interested in 
his grass roots, check out his home BBS Crestview in this month's In 
the Spotlight!
Who would you like to see interviewed for next month's issue?  Would
you like to interview someone?  Contact Daymia at [email protected]
and let me know who!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Bard's Tale =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Dark Elf Queen
by Daymia
Deep in the heart of the underground caves
Arises the beautious Mistress of the Deep.
Reeling about she calls for her slaves
Kicking them down to the floor of her Keep.
Even the driders respond to her call,
Lowering their heads as she comes standing tall
For whoever mispeaks on their knees hence will crawl-
Quick too is this Matri'ch, wielding sword high
Unnerving her people with fear and despise
Everyone a traitor, everyone a spy,
Endure no idle tongue if one is but wise
Never thus will you into the moat take a fall.
Interested in writing a short story or poem about anything in 
MajorMUD for next month's issue of MMN?  Totally open subject! 
Send it on in to Daymia at [email protected]!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Banana Peel -=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Dark-Elf Delights
by Sam the Banana
In keeping with the theme of this month's newsletter, I decided to 
look over all things dark-elf.  I remember when mod 3 was installed 
on whatever board I was playing on at that time, and waiting 
oh-so-patiently for cleanup to get over with.  The load time was so 
slow when it did come up that I think it took me nearly an hour to 
get to the slaver leader.  Oh but enough days of yore!  Here we go.
Properly, these are first.  Why is this race the 2nd most popular?  
Well, why not?  They're well suited for a number of classes. Their 
int/agil/charm will put any class at the crit threshold with any 
weapon they can wield easily.  Awfully nice for 1-handed classes 
since they can then proceed to load on the +damage items which they 
so direly need.  90 strength itself covers all of the 1-handed 
weapons except three.  Though some would say they are the three BEST,
delf can still use the darkbane, hellblade, laen, brimstone, blah 
blah.  See! That's plenty.  And yes, they have 90 health, which is 10
more than normal (wimpy) elves.  This is a big reason they get picked
over their cousins so much.  Did I mention, nightvision and stealth? 
Awfully convenient.  Oh, they have those 'combat bonuses' also, but 
neither of them do much except sort of at low levels.  Sort of.
There are two downsides though, both of which can be cured.  First 
off - their base stats are low.  They get owned at lower levels by I 
think every other race.  But that's no problem!  Since majormud is a 
long-term oriented game, just get your delf to level 61 and they'll 
have max stats just like everybody else.  So no biggie.  Their other 
beef is that 90 strength cuts them off from a good number of the 
higher damage 2-handed weapons.  Unless, of course, you're a ranger, 
and then you can use Dusk and cream everything anyway.  But if you 
aren't, a golden pike starts to look pretty damn nice.  You could 
luck out on the 5th quest and get a pretty nice weapon (and by luck 
out, I mean continually make 50th horc  and reroll them 
until you get the 2-handed one).  Or, just script with a bard. That's
what I do.
The Dark-Elf Area
Ooooo, how sexy and recluse.  This used to be *THE FORTRESS* for 
anti-script killing pvp.  Lots of dirty tricks to pull down here ask 
Kotar about it sometime.  Anyway, guys, come on.  The soldiers are 
still pretty nice.  Sure, it isn't 800k + immunity anymore, but they
are still a good area when you're littler.  The queen's royals are a 
decent lower-level area as well, for both melee and room casters. The
archmage tower, heh, is still rough stuff if you're small.  And then 
there's the temple.  And the moat.  See how much fun is down in this 
place?  DID I MENTION THE HOT PANTS????  Though I know most of the 
areas are too difficult/annoying for the eph they put out, the area 
on the whole is still a good place if you're on a crowded board and 
don't have access to the 1st string spots, or if you just need to get
away from the rest of the realm for a while.  Plus you got 6 bosses 
down here to play around with, 5 of which are worthwhile exp, and 3 
of which drop nice stuff. Additionally, from a storyline perspective,
this place owns.  You've got the evil queen who kidnaps people in the
night to help the wererats make their plague of doom to take over the
world.  It helps if you think of the queen as a 'hottie' also.  
Stuff Dark-Elves Drop
Jeweled Adamantite Longsword - Oh I'll say it!  This thing in the 
bomb-diggity for mid levels.  Sure, it's no holy avenger, but then 
again you don't have to be good to use this one, do you?  Great 
damage, fast as heck, killer bs, and it has some accuracy on it too 
(which actually means something).  It's one of, if not the best 
1-handed weapon until like level 40.  Word.
Mithril-runed Tunic - Another awesome item dropped by the queen.  
Best AC from 15th to 40th for leather.  Light like imperial 
margarine.  Heck, best ac/enc ratio for all leather shirts.  Plus, 
illumination.  Can't say no to that, no sir.
Large Silvery Cross - Yet *another* awesome item from the queen.  The
missionary dream item, when equipped and blessed you're looking at 5 
damage and 15 accuracy, in addition to 200 illu for only 15 mana. Heh
it lasts for like a half hour too, total bomb.
Black Velvet Gloves - Best offensive item for hands.  Well, maybe the
+2 damage gauntlets take it, but whatever.  Great item if you don't 
need AC that much.
Adamantite Katana - Probably 2nd only to the JAL for 1-handed sticks 
at mid levels.  +crits!!  Booya!
Rune-etched scepter - Commonly overlooked item, this is the only 
+mana regen item that is available to classes other than magic-3. 
Great for an extra 10% while meditating if you have some spare 
Obsidian Field Plate - Another very useful and very overlooked item. 
Look at this the *best* ac/encumbrance ratio of all plate shirts. And
level 15!  And there are 2! And it's from a pretty easy boss!  22/7 
is pretty damn sweet for a level 15 tunic when you consider that the 
black plate at 27/9 is the best available at that level.  Plus it has
5 accuracy and a massive +30 rfir.  I love it, it like screams 
Need insight on a certain genre of MajorMUD items?  Send Sam the 
Banana a PM (or see his forum profile for IM information) on 
Mudcentral Forums with your request!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MajorFUN -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Where's Waldrow?
by Daymia & Blood Fetish
A large drawing composed of many tiny similar cartoons of people and
objects.  The goal is to find a Dark-Elf, Waldrow, in the mess.
Can you find him?  How fast?  
Are you interested in creating games, trivia questions, or quizzes?  
Please e-mail Daymia at [email protected] and be apart of next 
month's MMN issue!
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Realm of Legends -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The Ritual Chamber
by Daymia & Blood Fetish
This month's Legend features a Nekojin Ranger named Rat, who oddly
enough, hates cats.  He was just minding his own business when he 
fell through a portal... right into a wizard's lair!
Call for Captures!  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're looking to
capture as many leprechauns as possible!  Send in your leprechaun
capture to be compiled with others in a holiday tribute!  Creative,
quick, boring, whatever you've got, if you've caught one, send it in!
 -Must own or be owned by a leprechaun.
 -All parties/solos/levels/classes/etc. welcome!
 -Please send in either text or HTML format.
Send captures in to Daymia at [email protected] or via private 
message to daymia on Mudcentral Forums.    
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- MajorMUD Resources =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
by Blood Fetish
This month's spotlight falls upon stage left, as beloved actor and
orphanage donator, Turbofoot, makes his grand exit.  There was quite 
a bit of commotion in the MajorMUD community when he announced his
retirement from all things MajorMUD earlier this month, and rightly
so.  Since his inception, somewhere between 2 and 60 years ago,
Turbofoot has been a dedicated contributer towards the advancement of
the MajorMUD community.
Turbo's most famous contribution to the community is Turbosentry, a
realtime world top list.  Turbosentry allows players to look up their
ranking out of all players on Earth, as well as refining their
searches to things such as races, classes, or even BBSes.  You can 
also check the stats of most popular races, classes, and race and 
class combinations, check the highest KPH earners, and compare 
your character locally and globally against others.
Another great contribution from Turbonicus is his comprehensive
listing of stats.  Turbofoot was in charge of updating all of
MudCentral's stat pages, his own pages, and a massive downloadable
database.  His page updates were accurate, timely, and very thorough.
The downloadable program, TurboDB, allowed the user to quickly look 
up the stats on any item or spell, filter and compare results, and 
even included tools that allow for quick calculation of swings, 
manaregen, and more.
Turbofoot was also an outspoken member of the forum community.  His 
warm and knowledgable presence made him a favorite of many of the 
regular posters, even if he is from England.  At this time it is 
unknown how long his absence will be, but I think I speak for 
everyone who's name involves some type of fetish when I say that we 
hope he never strays far from the game we all love. 
While Turbo himself will no longer be fostering his fathered sites, 
he has lovingly left them in the care of Snigglez and TonyLM, as well
as open sourced his popular DB viewer.  In case you have been living 
under a rock and do not already have these sites bookmared; 
Turbosentry, the premiere world top list, can be found at TurboInfo and TurboDB, two excellent 
sources of item and spell stats can be located at  So hurry, gentle reader, and visit
these sites so that you may bask in the twilight of Turbofoot.
Have a site that you would like to see reviewed in next month's 
issue?  Interested in writing your own MajorMUD Resource website
review?  E-mail Blood Fetish at [email protected] for more
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In the Spotlight -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Crestview BBS - In the Spotlight(telnet://  
by Valdimar
Telnetting west to the Central Time Zone homes Crestview BBS for 
February's Spotlight. In light of Valentine's Day, this couldn't be 
any more appropriate considering there is alot of 'love' on this 
board. The facetious interaction of this community alone will make 
you smile, laugh, and easily fall in love.
I made my account late at night. All I had to do was drop a pin in 
the at-the-time silence to awaken the seemingly suppressed excitement
of the arrival of a new of a new face.  Many others joined in on the 
night owl conversational festivities shortly ranging from the 
divulgence of biographical information, to topics of an adult nature.
The immense scrolling of gossips was happily overwhelming.
Crestview BBS has a very active userbase. I counted 48 characters in 
the realm including myself the moment I logged in; however, there is 
only a little less than two dozen 'real' players since dupes are 
allowed on this BBS. In the short time of my visit, I was offered and
even given a generous start-up fund. There was also a plot aspiring 
to kill the Adult Red Dragon too. Despite PvP being virtually 
non-existant, the only rule is "Do unto others, as you would do unto 
yourself". Abusing known bugs in the PvP process is a big no-no too.
Fun Facts:
-This BBS is the home of the ever-famous and *hot* Samuel D. Banana!!
-Crestview will celebrate its 3rd anniversary this May!
-Home of Trapper. Turbo's #1 Gaunt One
-Spawning ground of the critically acclaimed, non-self proclaimed 
 "World's Greatest Missionary" - Syn Furigimp
Would you like to see your BBS In the Spotlight for next month's 
issue?  It's easy!  Contact Valdimar at [email protected] for 
more information.
Interested in Advertising in the MajorMUD Newsletter or on Metropolis
web sites?
E-mail [email protected] for an automatic response with more 
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