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MAJORMUD PLUS - Entertainment Edition

The MajorMUD Plus series is an ongoing line of add-ons that will allow each sysop to customize his game of MajorMUD to set it apart from the competition. In addition to providing fresh new additions to liven up your Realm, the sysop has the option to apply a credit/gold surchage, which gives him the opportunity to recoup the cost of each module within a matter of weeks.

The first module in this line is the Entertainment Edition. This add-on will not change the way the game is played, but its features will add atmosphere and personality to your game and characters, which increases the role-playing aspect of your Realm.

Features include:

  • The ability to allow users to edit the description of their character. Are you tired of having the same appearance of every other dwarven cleric in the Realm? Now you can create a detailed description of your character that will set you apart from your fellow adventurers.
  • The character registry, which allows the player to create a custom registry for all to see. Now your users can check out the general information and personality traits of each user without them having to be online. The registry entries are sysop customizeable, so you can create your own detailed questionnaires.
  • Purchasing of lives. Do you find the game too challenging for some of your users? This feature allows the option of selling lives to your users based on gold or credits. This option can be disabled if you wish.

Price: $75
Purchase: Email Metropolis

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