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What is Mud?

MODULE 9: Prophecy of Plague

Mod 9 Highlights (open in new window)

The victory over the dark phoenix, and the appearence of its master still weighs heavily on your mind. Rumours abound of the Dark Mage emerging yet again, bringing about the 'prophecy' he foretold. Other gossip tells of troubles in a small township buried deep in a mountain valley where undead hordes have risen, plaguing the people with destruction and disease. The time has come again to carry on the banner of your cause, this time in the name of discovery. The great library of Arlysia may hold the secrets of a long ago past, where the dark secret of the unknown prophecy may gain new light.

With your brain and brawn it is once again up to you to travel into regions unknown, battling an evil that threatens all things living, and the power of the Three.

Prophecy of Plague is the second of a three part story, introducing the further dark plans of the unknown mage that appeared at the end of Module 7.

The module is suggested for parties of characters level 50+

-=Here's what you can look forward to in Mod 9 Prophecy of Plague=-

  • Over 20 new bosses all ready to slay you and friends alike
  • Several new spells for Priest, Druid and Mage
  • Many limited weapons of all types
  • Class specific side quests
  • Over 100 new monsters living and dead, ready to devour you
  • Powerful weapons to aid your cause upon completion of your 5th alignment quest
  • A vast library to learn of the old days of the Realm
  • Riddles to test your wit, some bringing pain and suffering to reward wrong answers
  • Clues that show the plan of the Dark Mage, and his final chapter in Mod 10
  • Some interesting additions to older area's
  • Last but not least, watch out for the zombies!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MOD 9 PREPARATION =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
10 things a person can do to prepare for Mod 9?

  1. Get used to traveling in a party
  2. Store up your healing potions
  3. Bring a priestly caster
  4. Try walking around dark area's without any light
  5. Try to be above level 50
  6. Leave your runic at the bank
  7. Play without any eq for a day
  8. Race from your exp spot to your quest leader
  9. Sturdy walking shoes
  10. Remember to look in old places for new stuff too!

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Price: $125.00
Purchase: Email Metropolis or Shop online

As of 1.11h, new downloads have been restricted to registered owners only. If you are a registered owner, please e-mail Support for download access and instructions. Make sure to include your WG# and name, so we can verify you against our records. If you are not a registered owner and looking to download the demo version, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: To Run on your BBS, Module 9 Requires the Following Software:

  • MajorMUD version 1.11h
  • Modules 1, 2, 4, and 7 to complete the aligment quests.

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