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                          -= MajorMUD NEWS =-

Moderated by:                                       Published by:
Shannon Stewart & Jeff Hinds                       METROPOLIS Inc.
[email protected]                

November 28, 2001                                       Issue # VIII
Recommend a friend & be entered to WIN $10,000 and a Sony DVD Player!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= C O N T E N T S =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=Mod 9 Release Date Set
	-=Is it real or is it Virtual?
	-=DOWNLOAD Module #9 Prophecy of Plague
-=Mod 9 Overview
	-=Izak's Mod 9 Sneak Peek
	-=Mod 9 Playing Tips

-=Mod 9 Downloads
	-=Screensaver and Wallpaper
	-=Mod 9 Greeting Card

-=WorldGroup News

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C H R I S T M A S     S H O P P I N G     M A D E     E A S Y

Avoid traffic jams and long lines at the mall this Christmas.

BUY your game gifts at Metropolis Gameport.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MajorMUD MOD SALE =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

50% OFF Selected MajorMUD Modules begins Friday, Nov 30th, 2001
Check web site Friday for link and details.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MOD 9 Release Date =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=Is it real or is it Virtual?

It's the real thing. Mod 9, Prophecy of Plague, is ready for release on
November 30th!  To download, have your sysop contact us at
[email protected] for download instructions.  Instructions will
also be posted in the sysop support forum.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Izak's Mod 9 Sneak Peek =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Over 20 new bosses all ready to slay you and friends alike -
You may notice a lot of the bosses have capitalized letters in their
names for example: Banished One, or Shadow Master, WCC did this with
named monsters like Goru-Nezar or Gudruk, but we figured to try it
on for a few bosses that weren't named and see if ppl prefered this
way of marking bosses from non-one's or just let the rgen timers
decide, I suppose it doesn't really matter but this is something
we'll like feedback on.

Several new spells for Priest, Druid and Mage -
Some changes were done to old spells, and quite a few new ones added
to the stores or older bosses. Some of these include:

Cure Paralysis, Control Undead, Soul Rip
Priestly healing has been changed to Anointed Hands and is now -2
Paladins get a spell called Zeal which we have been informed numerous
times is something they've needed for awhile.

Rejuvenation, Mass Entangle, Shatter is replaced by Burning Aura,
this is a single target hp ticker, Shatter will be put back in once
it can be more versatile.
Rangers get a spell called Natural Prowess, see "Zeal" above.

Sleep, Colour Spray, Sphere of Implosion
Warlocks/Gypsies get 1 of these
Illumination now conjures a "light ball" torch item which can be
given to anyone the caster desires.

Also Mod9 itself has it's own share of spells for the -3.

Many limited weapons of all types -
A few of them are alignment specific or class specific, and class
specific does not mean restricted to a single class for use.
Some non limited items dropped include:
A full set of plate
A full set of chainmail
Completion of the red dragon hide set
Completeion of the crimson scale set

Class specific side quests -
and items gained from those quests, one thing mentioned at the GT
is a deck of cards for gypsies to portray their own fortune, only
one fortune per draw that can't be stacked with Aggie's fortunes,
and the duration is lessened so no needing to dash to the nearest

Over 100 new monsters living and dead, ready to devour you -
The part about more dead monsters should be in bold, there's quite
a few of them. Also fear was given to less then five monsters in
the entire Module, so those of you that have a hard time handling
it can breathe a sigh...

Powerful weapons to aid your cause upon completion of your 5th
alignment quest

Translation: Like the quest cloaks but one for each alignment,
and no it's not like the level 10 quest, everyone gets something.

A vast library to learn of the old days of the Realm -
There's also literature in here telling of other locations that
the realm will soon be expanded upon, as well as some text giving
some idea as to where mod 10 will be.

Riddles to test your wit, some bringing pain and suffering to
reward wrong answers - Nothing to add here, heehee.

Clues that show the plan of the Dark Mage, and his final chapter
in Mod 10 - See above in the library.

Some interesting additions to older area's -
As said above with the spells, some older monsters will drop them,
some older monsters will drop some new items as well.
A new area was added to the Module 8 map with it's own storyline,
this is for parties of 40+. "Parties" meaning more than 1 and less
then 30.

Last but not least, watch out for the zombies! -
Three new breeds of zombies, all of them fun.

The bad news everyone probably knows or is dreading to find out:
Nexus Chakram:
Damage: 10-35
Speed: 2500
Magical +4
Min. Lvl: 40
Crits +5
BS Acc: -20
Casts the same hurl spell done by the nexus hunters,
doing up to 50-100 damage.

And a last bit of info monsters using player like spells such as
blind and hold person, now use those actual spells, ie: the undead
priest's hold person that used to last for 90 seconds, now lasts
12 seconds, but it now says:
Undead priest casts hold person on you!
as opposed to:
The undead priest casts hold person on you!

We hope most of the players can bear with the message change for
the lowering of the duration.

Judge for yourself,

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Mod 9 Tips =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

We've encouraged you to get prepared for your new quest.
Here's the list again for new players and those that missed it.

10 things a person can do to prepare for Mod 9?

Get used to traveling in a party
Store up your healing potions
Bring a priestly caster
Try walking around dark area's without any light
Try to be above level 50
Leave your runic at the bank
Play without any eq for a day
Race from your exp spot to your quest leader
Sturdy walking shoes
Remember to look in old places for new stuff too!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MOD 9 Downloads =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=Screensaver and Wallpaper
Add wallpaper to your computer's desktop or a cool new screensaver.

-=Mod 9 Greeting Card
Tell your friends about the new release of Prophecy of Plague.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WORLDGROUP NEWS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Hi folks,

I wanted to announce some Worldgroup specials we're having

We'd like to get everybody on the same page version-wise, so we're
offering the upgrade special: for $99 you can upgrade any version of
WG to v3.20 Personal.

For the folks who've been asking for the "big" line packs:
 32-line upgrade (v3.20 only) is now $399.
 64-line upgrade (v3.20 only) is now $649.

Don Barr
 (410) 850-9019 Voice
 (410) 850-0486 Fax
 [email protected]

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 C H R I S T M A S     S H O P P I N G     M A D E     E A S Y

Avoid traffic jams and long lines at the mall this Christmas.
BUY your music gifts at MacroMusic.


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